Samsung Galaxy S6

The new Samsung Galaxy are here, and they are here to stay. The S9 and S9 + are the main asset of Samsung for this 2018, pending the Galaxy Note 9, the best mobile of the firm, which is presented at the end of the year.

Going for the ninth generation Galaxy, will it be worth it to bet on the S6 and the S7? Today, we tell you if it is worth buying high-end Samsung from one and two years ago, so you can later have more clear whether to make the purchase or not.

Samsung Galaxy S7

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 we are not going to give many laps. It is a totally recommendable purchase. It is a mobile with a spectacular design even today, with a camera that remains outstanding, with RAM and internal memory more than acceptable, and with plenty of power to move all kinds of applications.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is available on Amazon, a price greedy for a high-end terminal with much to offer. It is true that there are alternatives for 2017 for this price, but few with the screen and the S7 camera, which is still better than that of many current phones.

In addition, the mobile will update to Android Oreo this year. We do not know when, nor will it be something in the short term, but when the Samsung Galaxy S7 receives Android Oreo, it will rejuvenate completely, so the wait will be worth it.

Samsung Galaxy S6

With the Samsung Galaxy S6, we have mixed feelings. It is true that its performance was not the best of 2016, but the promise of Android Oreo makes it possible to reach this terminal, which makes it recommendable. The Samsung Galaxy S6 can be purchased at Amazon, mid-range price for a mobile phone with a design, camera, and high-end screen.

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As we said, the arrival of Oreo can solve the performance problems of this terminal, and make a good purchase. The long wait is a factor to consider since Oreo will not reach the S6 until practically the end of the year. In short, both terminals depend on Oreo to be outstanding, but they are certainly an option to consider despite the time they have.