Design tools to develop a logo

Design tools

Design tools to develop a logo: Good design costs money, who saves here often pays twice. This also applies to a logo. However, the first litter does not necessarily have to be the big one. For example, if you want to test a business idea or make the first steps in the market, the logo on your website or business card should look professional but design awards do not have to win.

Use an Online Logo Creator

Designmantic is a good starting point to get a first logo quickly and cheaply. After you enter the name of your company and select the appropriate category (for example, Consulting), the page directly spits out hundreds of corresponding logos. The quality of the logos extends from subterranean to professional – with a little effort, however, can be found for almost all industries usable designs. These can also be individually adapted and modified. With just a few clicks, it is possible, for example, to try out different fonts or colors, thus further improving the predefined logo. In addition, there is the possibility to insert a subline, ie an additional subtitle such as “The cheapest cars in Cologne”.

It is easy to use, however, to get your own logo within a few minutes, but at the same time it must be clear that all logos are from a given catalog. The usage rights are not exclusive, and your logo or variant may be used elsewhere in the world. How important this is for you can only judge yourself. Another important detail: You may acquire the right to use your logo, but you must not officially protect it as an image mark. Costs: Designing a logo and trying out any number of variants is free. The usage rights cost 29 US dollars.

Design tools:


Find a designer

Whether you want to further develop your logo, personalize the design of your website, or create an advertisement, just as hardly a 4-hour start-up around a home page, design will almost necessarily play a role for you. And you will surely come to the point where you need support from professional designers.

Tool 1: Crowdspring

High-quality custom logos, print design, web design, and naming.  Creative solutions for every stage of your growing business.


If you’re not completely happy with your design or writing project, or if your naming project doesn’t receive at least 100 entries, we’ll promptly refund all your money. Promise.

The design platform 99designs is an online marketplace where you can meet designers from all over the world. This is how it works: At the beginning you describe your project, which is by the way completely irrelevant, whether it is the complete design of a website, a hand-drawn label for a wine bottle or advertising on a delivery truck. Then dozens of designers send their designs to you – hence the name 99designs. You give the designers feedback on their designs and make a preselection after a few days. Subsequently, further drafts are submitted and further improved by your feedback. After seven days, the competition is finished and you choose the best design. Only then the winner is paid, all the others go empty. If there is no design at all that meets your requirements,

Costs: Prices vary depending on what is to be designed: A complete website is, for example, more expensive than a book cover. In principle, there are four packages for all products which differ slightly in customer service, but above all in price. The logic behind this is that the higher the budget, the more designers participate and the better they are. Currently, for example, a logo in the “Bronze” package costs 249 euros, the most expensive is “platinum” with 999 euros.

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Tool 2: Fiverr

Even cheaper than at 99designs it is on Fiverr, where, as the name already betrays, everything from 5 dollars. On, you are easy to access and can choose between different 5-dollar offers offered by other users.These are available in categories such as “Graphic”, “Video”, “Social Marketing”, “Writing” divided. If you are interested in a special offer, you can take a look at the offer, which offers the user for 5 $, and usually also a sample video or a sample graphics of the user see.

If you like the offer, you write this gig (the offer) and write to the user further details, which he needs from you, such as a website URL, a logo, etc. Within 48 hours you usually have the finished one Result, and depending on the gig there is still the possibility of a correction. The payment runs through PayPal and is therefore also uncomplicated. You may not expect the same quality for the price as the expensive designers, but for a product test it is sufficient.

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