google chrome dark theme

Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge internet Explorer have the built-in dark mode theme feature, but Google Chrome doesn’t have any built-in chrome dark mode themes. if you want to use the Google Chrome night mode feature then you want to install a dark theme from Chrome web store.

How to use a Dark Theme on your Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome has a collection of user-created dark extensions or theme, which you can easily download from the Google Chrome Web Store. Google Chrome always provides the best and genuine collection of dark themes which are selected by the editors.

Morpheon Dark theme is the most popular theme in the Google Chrome Webstore. Morpheon Dark theme is downloaded by 2,513,283 users (as per Google Chrome Web Store data). So, we recommended this dark theme. You can use this dark mode theme without any distractions.

After using this theme, you see the title bar, tab bar, address bar, and new tab bar pages dark. You can’t make the dark chrome setting page and Chrome context menu pages.

For Example:

google chrome dark theme

If you want to reset the previous theme then you go to the setting page > Appearance Section > See the Theme option > Click on the “Reset to default” Button.

chrome dark mode


How to make Google Chrome Night Mode by Installing a Google Chrome Dark Mode Extension

If you are using the dark mode chrome theme then you can only change your chrome browser’s interface and you can’t change the background of the other websites which use the white backgrounds.

If you want to enable the dark mode in a particular website then you install the Google Chrome Dark mode Extension in your browser.

We found the Dark Reader extension is the best dark mode extension after all research, which helps to make the whole web page dark. You can easily install the Dark Reader extension from Google Chrome Web Store.

After the installing the dark reader dark mode extension, it is automatically applied every web page which you visit in your chrome browser. You can manage the Dark or light mode through the Dark Reader toolbar. You can also adjust the brightness and contrast of your web page. You can see below

Chrome dark mode extension

If you want to uninstall the dark reader extension, then you goto more tool > Extension > See the Dark Reader extension > Click on the Remove Button.

Unfortunately, the Google Chrome has not any built-in dark night mode feature. You can change through Dark mode themes or Dark mode Extensions.