7 Golden Rules to Get a Good Sleep

7 Golden Rules to Get a Good Sleep

Somnolence, chronic fatigue, nervousness . Sleep disorders disrupt our bodies. Simple rules help to restore quality sleep 

1. Lying down and getting up every day at fixed times

This involves synchronizing the sleep-wake rhythm. The idea is to regain a regular sleep cycle. Early or a little later, find the right time, and keep the same time to sleep and get up. Grant yourself an exception from time to time, for example if you go out on Saturday night, your biological clock will regulate itself, unless it extends over several days.

2. Respect your rhythm

Each has its own sleeping rhythm. Some are more in the evening, others sting in the nose just after dinner. If you are not tired, you will not go to bed until 11 pm, it means that it is useless to force nature and stay in bed to seek a sleep that will only arrive in two hours … 

3. Fatigue is felt? To bed !

Yawning, heavy eyelids, tingling eyes , etc. The signs of sleep do not deceive. It’s your organization that tells you it’s time to move horizontally. Do not resist fatigue, go to bed without trying to pull on the rope, you risk passing your “train of sleep” …

4. Find an evening ritual 

Turn off the computer, unfold the bed sheets, close the shutters, program the alarm clock, put on his nightgown … In the order you want, find the ritual that suits you. By their repetitive and daily appearance, these gestures favor the falling asleep.

5. Avoid all that excites!

From the beginning of the afternoon, exit the excitants: coffee, tea, colas and other energy drinks … In the evening, prefer a sedative tea (chamomile, linden …). Similarly, if physical activity releases the production of endorphins (hormones that relax), limit intense sports practices before sleep, as they increase body temperature and interfere with sleep.

6. Disconnect!

Unplug   your Smartphones, tablets, computers, wifi ! If experts remain divided on the issue and  this should not prevent you from protecting yourself from electromagnetic radiation. Turn off your various displays one hour before bedtime and most importantly, avoid sleeping the laptop under the pillow!

7. Food 

Meals that are too light or too heavy disturb sleep. Now, it is in the brain that the transition from the waking state to that of sleep is organized. To function at full throttle, the latter needs carbohydrates (pasta, bread, cereals, rice, potatoes …), real fuel of the dream. With these carbohydrates, the body will manufacture serotonin, a hormone essential to sleep. To optimize your sleep promote carbohydrates at dinner, by being vigilant on accompaniments too rich. Finally, do not neglect a small dose of black chocolate. Its magnesium content makes it an excellent natural calming agent.