Apple sells the most wearables

apple wearables

According to a Market Analysis of Strategy Analytics, Apple has emerged as market leader in the first quarter of 2017.

Apple does not also call sales numbers of the  Apple Watch  and goes at all possible in hints. In the March quarter, one sold “twice as many devices” as before, said Tim Cook. Strategy Analytics is now waiting for more concrete figures and appoints Apple as the market leader at Wearables. In the first quarter of the calendar year, Apple had sold 3.5 million smart watches.

And its market share of 16 per cent but the current leader Fitbit   displaced. Overall, the wearables market rose by 21 percent to 22 million. Apple has increased the “previous year” by 59 percent, the   Apple Watch Series 2 is   selling mainly in the US, UK and other European markets outstanding. The reason for the increased sales is not only the improved technology, but also Apple’s marketing activities and the high presence in retail.

However, Fitbit lost significantly against the previous year, when the company had sold 4.5 million wearables in the first quarter, 2017 with 2.9 million pieces 36 percent less. However, Fitbit did not launch new devices until the end of the quarter. Between Fitbit and Apple pushes Xiaomi with 3.4 million sold Wearables to the second place, also the Chinese manufacturer had to bear a fall and had sold a year ago 3.8 million devices.