Instagram Story is a fantastic and popular feature for users to post their stories on their Instagram profile. You  can post daily life pictures and music tracks, videos from streaming apps, posts shared or simply descriptions. The Instagram app has many new options and features for stories. It offers templates, polls, countdowns and questions to be added to the story for engage your post with your insta followers.

There are a variety of choices for questions, templates. You can make your own GIF within the story, and wishes for birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays and further. Instagram has created a feature that allows you to add text on your stories.

You can change the font text, font style and colors in the Instagram story. Let’s look at how to do that in the next section.

How to Change Font Text Style, Size and Colors on Instagram Story

Instagram has introduced five distinct fonts to the story, and with the next update, the fonts have been increased to nine fonts. They include Classic Strong, Classic, Neon, Modern, Typewriter Double Layer Drop Shadow, Serif font Comic Outline Variant, Sans.

The Instagram app needs to have been updated with the most recent version to include the latest fonts.

1. Open Instagram application on your Andriod mobile phone or iPhone.

2. Select to the story icon in the upper right of the screen to create new story on the Instagram.

3. Take image or video or click the icon for fonts.

4. Write your caption or the phrase from the story.

5. Swipe the fonts over the keyboard onscreen.

6. Look for the change of font in your smartphone display and select the the font that best fits for your story text.

7. Select on the color icon on the right and press to select the desired color.

8. Choose the Text Highlighter in order to draw a highlight on the text you typed and then tap it again to test different kinds of highlighters.

9. You can move across the Scroll Up and Down bars to the left to change the size in the text.

10. The font used on Instagram Stories can be changed without difficulty. You can also adjustment or manage the direction of the text in the story. The program also offers the option of animating the text of the story.

At Last:

You can use alternative keyboard apps for changing fonts on your smartphone and displayed on Instagram Story. Many of the keyboard application is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. It comes with a wide range of fonts available to enhance your Instagram story. You can download the Keyboard by selecting the other keyboard from the screen keyboard.