Xbox One was the replacement to Xbox 360. Microsoft officially launched the Xbox One in 2013.  it is available on the Microsoft store, and also has the ability to connect online. So, the gamers can enjoy games with their friends anyplace around the globe with a high-speed internet connection. There are a variety of games available in every genre, such as combat, FPS, racing, TPS games, adventure, sports, etc. However, there’s a drawback that most games will not be compatible with your screen. In this article we will guide you on how to change the screen size resolutions on Xbox One.

Why Adjust the Screen Size

When you play new games, you may see an unlit black bar on the upper and lower parts of the screen . This can disrupt gamers’ gaming experience gamers. To avoid this issue you must change the resolutions size of your screen to match your monitor. Xbox includes a built-in calibrating feature to allow you to adjust the size of the screen as fast as you can.

What is the Steps to Adjust Screen Size on Xbox One

If you are not sure for how to change and adjust screen aspect ration on your Microsoft xbox one gaming console. You can follow the below given instructions fo adjust screen size of your Microsoft xbox one.

1. First of all, you need to click on the Xbox button on your gaming controller for opening the Menu.

2. Under the menu, Select the Settings gear icon and open it.

3. Select the Settings option.

4. Click on the General option under the Settings tab menu. After that, you need to select the TV & Display option which will be appeared on your display.

5. In the next screen select Resolution and choose the resolution you want from the dropdown, and the screen size will be changed accordingly.

6. If you wish to adjust the screen size on your screen, click the the Calibrate TV option on the setup menu.

7. Click on the next button.

8. In the Aspect ratio and sharpness screen, you can adjust the screen’s left and right, as well as top and bottom until you can see the green lines. After that, you need to click on Next. next button for making the changes.

9. Click the next button until you arrive at the final screen . Then select Done to end the screen adjustment process.

10. The size of your screen will be adjusted to the size of your monitor.