how to connect ipad to tv wirelessly without apple tv
how to connect ipad to tv wirelessly without apple tv

If you want to watch the movies, videos, and serials on your Sony Smart TV through connecting your phone to Sony Smart TV. You don’t find any solution how to mirror iPhone to sony tv then you can read this article carefully for screen mirroring to sony tv.

We will discuss on the best screen mirroring apps then you can select the best mirroring app for connecting your iPhone to Sony TV.

The top best ways for screen mirroring iPhone to Sony Bravia TV

  1. WiFi Connection
  2. iMediaShare app
  3. DiXim Digital TV app

How to connect iPhone to Sony TV via WiFi

You can use the WiFi Direct Feature for connecting your iPhone or iPad device to Sony TV. This is the most suitable and appropriate feature. You can’t completely cast your Phone or iPad device to Sony Bravia TV without the help of the third party apps.

Follow the steps to screen mirroring iPhone to sony tv via WiFi Direct Feature

  1. Firstly, Take your Sony tv Remote and go to Settings.
  2. After that, Select the Network option and Choose the Network & accessories option,
  3. After that, Select the Advanced settings option and choose the Built-in Option.
  4. After that, Select “ON”
  5. Now, your WiFi Direct Feature is activated on your Sony TV.
  6. After that, Take your iPhone or iPad device for setting up the wifi connection.
  7. Go to the mobile Settings and click on the WiFi Option
  8. Turn on your iPhone or iPad WiFi.
  9. After that, you can search your available WiFi connection and select your WiFi connection and enter your WiFi Credential.

If you are done successfully your WiFi Direct Feature then you can follow the next steps to cast your iPhone screen on your Sony Smart TV with the help of the thirds party apps.

Connect iPhone to Sony Smart TV by using the iMediaShare app

You can use the iMediaShare app on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices for screen mirroring to sony tv. The iMediaShare app allows playing your movies and videos to Android TV.

You can also use as a remote control for adjusting the volume of your playing audios and videos.

Follow the steps for mirroring iPhone’s screen to Sony TV

  1. Firstly, check your WiFi direct connection is set up properly.
  2. After that, Take your iPhone or iPad or iPod, download iMediaShare app from App Store and install it.
  3. Open your iMediaShare app and select your videos, movies or music which you want to display on your Sony Smart TV’s screen.
  4. Select the name that matches with your Sony TV for starting the Screen mirroring.

Follow the steps for screen mirroring iPhone to sony tv by using DiXim Digital TV app

  1. Check the WiFi Direct connect is set up properly on your Sony TV.
  2. After that, You can download the DiXim Digital TV app from App Store and install it.
  3. Open DiXim Digital TV app and select your Sony TV.
  4. Click on the bottom menu of the app and click on the Shared option.
  5. After that, Select your media type such as music, videos which you want to view on your Sony Smart TV’s Screen.
  6. After that, you can choose your media file and press on the Play Button for stream your videos.