directv receiver refresh

If you don’t know how to reset directv receiver or how to reset directv box then you can read this article carefully and follow the easy steps for resetting direct tv receiver.

You can follow any one method for resetting DirecTV receiver such as the reboot the Directv receiver via reset button, restore factory settings or unplug your Directv receiver or box.

Follow the step to reset your Directv Receiver or Box

1. Reset Directv Receiver via Reset Button

  1. You find a small red button (i.e. reset button) inside the access card door on your Directv receiver.
  2. Press on the small red reset button and wait some minutes until your Directv Reciever to complete the rebooting process.

2 Reset Directv Reciever via Unplug method

  1. This method is more simple. You can unplug the power cord cable from your Directv box to refresh DirecTV receiver. Wait a minute before plug the power cord cable in Directv box.
  2. After that, you can press on the power button and wait some time until restarting your Directv receiver.

3. Resetting Directv receiver through factory settings

This method is the most popular method for resetting the directv box or receiver. You can follow the below steps:

  1. Press on the Directv power button.
  2. Wait the 30 seconds before releasing the power button.

If you are facing some problem in reset your receiver then you can try the refreshing your service. Firstly, Go to equipment & Features and select Refresh my service.