Vizio Smart TVs are inexpensive basic options in the market for smart TVs. A majority of TVs feature 4K resolution, along with UHD as well as HDR capability. And the best part is, you don’t require an additional remote to control the TV. You can control everything via your smartphone. This is how to use this smart television remote application.

You can operate the Vizio smart TV without the need for a remote, by controlling the TV via the buttons on the TV or employing the Vizio Smartcast application as an alternative remote. The Vizio Smartcast app will allow you to use the full functionality that the television offers.

How to Control Vizio Television without a remote

1. Utilizing the Buttons on Your Vizio Smart Television

Every Vizio Smart TV is equipped with buttons that can be physically operated. If you are unable to access the power on or power off buttons of the Vizio TV using the remote then you can use one to use these buttons.

The location of these buttons usually located on the backside of the television in the lower right and lower left (there are various places for different models). Additional Power buttons, such as the volume control, channel controls buttons and input buttons are accessible.

Utilizing the Smartcast App to control Vizio TV

One of the greatest advantages that comes with Vizio smart televisions is their possibility to utilize Vizio Smartcast. Vizio Smartcast application. It is the Vizio Smartcast app lets users to operate your Vizio TV as an actual remote, and also connect other streaming apps to stream content directly onto your TV. Its Smartcast App gives you all the features of a remote that can be conveniently connected to your phone.

Using Nintendo Switch for Operating your Vizio Smart TV

You’re not alone you’re right, your Vizio TV is able to be switched on with the Nintendo Switch. If you are missing the remote control or isn’t within your reach, you can make use of the Nintendo Switch as a replacement in the interim.

  • First step connecting to the Vizio TV using the dock on the Nintendo Switch console.
  • On the home Screen Select Home Screen. System Settings.
  • The left column is where you select TV settings Then scroll down, and then click on the Match TV power state to activate it.
  • If the console is set to sleep, it’s input is turned off. If the console is switched active, the TV shifts immediately to the input channel.