How to download Hulu on Xbox One

You can watch and stream your Hulu’s favourite tv shows and movies by adding Hulu app on Xbox One.

If you are not sure how to download Hulu app on your Xbox One, then you can use the below steps to add Hulu app on Xbox One.

Note: If you already have the Hulu app, then you can update Hulu with the latest version on Xbox one to enhance your user visibilities.

How to add Hulu on Xbox One

1. Go to on Store Section.

2. After that, select the Search and type the Hulu text on your search area and press enter button,

3. Find the Hulu app on search results which are showing your screen.

4. Select the Hulu app and install it by following the given instructions.

5. After completed, launch your app and login with Hulu account credentials.