How to Factory Reset Kindle Fire | Hard & Soft Reset

Kindle fire devices are developed by Amazon. You can stream your favourite music, tv shows and movies on the Kindle Fire tablets. Kindle fire have a great collection of ebooks. You can read your favourite books from the kindle store.

If you are facing the problems in accessing your kindle fire device. You can reset kindle fire to factory settings by using the soft & hard reset methods. If you don’t sure how to reset a kindle fire table or factory reset kindle fire from computer, then follow the below instructions for resetting factory of kindle fire device by default.

How to Soft Reset of Kindle Fire

Restart your kindle fire device is called the soft reset. In soft reset, you never the loss of your data on kindle fire tablets. Soft reset steps are very simple & easy to perform on your kindle fire. Follow the below instruction for reset your Amazon fire.

Soft Reset of Kindle Fire HD & HDX Models (1 to 4th Generations)

  • Take your Kindle device.
  • Press on the power button on your Kindle device and hold it for 15 to 20 second. Now your device is in shut off.
  • After shutting off the device, restart again.

Soft Reset of Kindle Fire HD8 & HD10 Models (5 to 7th Generations)

Take your device and press on the volume down and power button at a time and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds until

How to hard reset on Kindle Fire

A hard reset will allow resting your kindle fire device factory settings by default and clear all cache, cookies and internal memory data from your device.

Note: When you will start to reset kindle factory settings, then you need to keep 30% above charging your device.

Hard reset for Kindle Fire 1 and 2 models devices

  • Take your device and select the settings option.
  • Select More option.
  • Select the Device option on your device.
  • Select the Reset to Factory Defaults option and select the Erase Everything.

Hard Reset for Kindle 3rd to 7th Generation Models

You can reset your kindle factory settings by using two methods

Method 1

  • Select the settings option and go to Device option and select it.
  • After that, select the Reset to Factory Defaults option and click on the Reset for resetting factory by default.

Method 2

  • Firstly, You need to power off your Kindle Fire device.
  • Press on the Power and Volume Down button at a time and hold it for some time.
  • After that, Amazon system recovery screen open on your device. You need to choose the wipe data/ factory reset option by using the volume button of your device.
  • Now, You need to press the Power button for starting your factory reset process.
  • After selection, you need to choose the Yes option and press on the Power button.
  • Now, your device is set by default settings.