How to Fix Samsung Dryer Not Heating Problem

samsung dryer not heating

If your samsung dryer’s heating, but the clothes remain damp, the vent could be blocked. If your dryer is running with low heat and is running for long periods this could also indicate an obstruction to the vent. If your samsung dryer stops within a few minutes of wet clothes and your moisture sensors aren’t working, they could be dirty. This is just one of the possible reasons. In order to ensure you’re taking the correct troubleshooting procedure begin by determining whether your dryer is running hot air, and then we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to fix the problem.

How to fix if Samsung Dryer has no heat at all

Verify the cycle you’re using.

Certain cycles are built to operate with no heat. Certain settings, like Eco Dry, will cause certain parts that run the entire cycle (like at the start) to function without heat. Find out more about the dryer’s cycle as well as settings and features in the Samsung guide.

Make sure you know how much heat your dryer produces.

Conduct a test with a timed-cycle. To achieve this, turn your dryer on time and ensure that Eco Dry is off (if the model you have is equipped with it) Then, start the test. Within 30 seconds you can open the door and check inside. You’ll be able to tell whether the dryer is producing heat at all, or if it’s generating at least a tiny amount of warmth.

  • If your dryer is producing at least a small amount of heat, the great thing is that you’ll probably never require service. Returning to the screen and selecting the dryer isn’t sufficiently hot to fix the issue.
  • You shouldn’t continue with Steps 3-5 only if the dryer doesn’t heat in any way.

If the dryer hasn’t been heated since it was first installed, you should review the installation.

The steps below during the installation could result in no heat

  • Electric dryers require outlets with 240V. If the outlet isn’t sufficient in voltage then the motor and the panel might work, however, the heater might not.
  • To use gas dryers check that the connection to gas lines is in place.
  • For dryers with electric motors, check the power cord’s location.
  • The exhaust vent should be in line with the requirements of the dryer.

Circuit breaker cycle

Switch off the circuit for 30 seconds, and then turn it on.

Electric dryers come with two circuits. In the majority of homes these circuits are connected in order to trigger together. However, it’s also possible for one circuit to trigger. If this occurs the dryer will turn on and spin, but not be heated.

Request service

If you’re experiencing no hot air emanating from your dryer, go to the Samsung Help Centre to request assistance.