How to Download and Install Peacock App on Any Smart TV

Peacock tv is the best on demand and live tv application where you can watch your favourite tv content like serial, comedy shows, movies or films, cartoons, adventures shows. You need just download and install the peacock tv app on your smart tv to watch the content. The Peacock tv offers thousands of hours different types of the content like as   Classic NBC shows, sports, news, Peacock originals, and movies from Universal, DreamWorks, Illumination, and many more.

The Peacock application comes with different types of the subscriptions offers to watch the content . Peacock tv offers free tier and premium plans for the users. You need just pick your favourite subscriptions plans to watch the content on your smart tv.

Many of the users are searching how to get peacock tv app on smart tv over the internet on the daily basis. In this article, we will suggest some basic and easy instructions to add your peacock app on your smart tv. It may be work for all tv brands like vizio, Sony, tcl, Samsung, Hisense, Sharp tv and many more.

How to Get Peacock on Any Smart TV

You need to follow the below steps for downloading and installing peacock on your smart tv.

  1. First of all, you need to connect your smart tv to internet by using a wifi or wired network. You need to subscribe any plan for accessing the Peacock tv app content on your smart tv.
  2. If you don’t have Peacock tv app installed on your smart tv, then you need to open your tv app Store. 
  3. After that, you need to search the Peacock app by typing the text into search box. 
  4. Now, download and install the app to follow the procedure. 
  5. After completion of the installation of the peacock app. Launch it on your smart tv.
  6. You need to enter your peacock tv account credentials for login in first time on your smart tv.