How to hide internet activity from Router

Most of the users use the internet by using the wireless router. But, the wireless router can track your all internet activity like website visit, searching over the internet and etc.

If you are living in Paying guest home (PG) or friends home and you are surfing the internet by using your friend’s public or private wireless network. But you want to hide your internet activity from your friends.

You can use the proxy website for hiding the internet activity from router.

Steps to hide internet activity from router

If you don’t how to hide internet activity from router. You can follow the below steps for hiding all internet activities.

  1. Click on your web browser icon and search the WEB PROXY SERVER on the Google search engine.
  2. Open any web proxy website on your web browser.
  3. Type or page the URL on a search input box on web proxy website and press the Enter button on your keyboard.

It may help you for hiding your internet activity from the router. Router can’t track the proxy website searching internet activities.