rotate text ms paint

If you are using the Microsoft Windows Operating System. You can use the MS Paint tool for making or editing the Text or images. 

MS paint have a lot of rich features such as icon, frames, color effect and many more. You can use icon and frames to draw your image on the Work area of the paint and save as a jpeg, jpg, png, and other image format extensions.

If you want to rotate text in ms paint. But, you don’t know how to rotate text in ms paint or how do I rotate text in ms paint.

You can read this article carefully and follow the steps to rotate text in paint.

How do I rotate text in ms paint

Follow the below steps to rotate the text in paint.

  1. Open your MS Paint Window.
  2. Select the A icon box and draw the text box on your MS Paint work area.

    ms paint rotate text

  3. Enter your text and click outside on work area after completing your text writing.

    how to rotate text in mspaint

  4. Go to on Select box Which located on Home menu bar and selected it.

    rotate text ms paint

  5. After that, Select your text which you want to rotate in the paint.
  6. After the Selection of your text, Click on the Rotate box and select your particular rotate options such as Rotate Right 90 degree, Rotate Left 90 degree, Rotate 180 degree, Flip Vertical and Flip Horizontal.


    how do you rotate text in ms paint
    how do you rotate text in ms paint

    7. If you want to re-rotate the text in ms paint. You can repeat the 5 and 6 steps for rotating your text as per your rotate degree selection.