how to reset hisense roku tv.

If you are getting some issues on your hisense roku tv like as apps is not working properly or stuck during operating, audio stuck or not coming and facing an black screen issues on your hisense roku tv. You can resolve this issues to reset your hisense roku tv by default settings. If you are not aware how to restart and reset hisense roku tv, then follow the below given instructions step by steps to fix all types of the issues and problems.

How to Restart Hisense Roku tv Using Remote:

Step 1.Take your tv remote.

Step 2. Press on the home button five times

Step 3. Press Up arrow button once

Step 4. After that, press Rewind button two times

Step 5: After that, press on forward button twice time.

Step 6: After you’ve pressed the various buttons of your Roku television in a sequential order the Hisense Roku tv will freeze for a few seconds.

Step 7. Within a few seconds, Your Hisense Roku tv will turn off, and then it will come back on automatically.

This is how to start your Hisense Roku tv using remote with a the secret key combination that will restart your Roku TV.

Which are buttons that are used to restore Roku TV?

The Home button as well as the Up Arrow forward and rewind buttons are utilized and you must press them all in order to ensure that Roku will restart itself without pressing the power button.

How do I start up Hisense Roku tv using remote?

Press home button 5 times and then the up arrow then press rewind twice, forward button two times and then wait until your Roku television to start up.