How to Turn On and Off Motion Smoothing on Samsung TV

auto motion plus samsung tv settings

You can use the Samsung tv motion smoothing feature to reduce or eliminate the blurring images. If you are watching live event shows and sports events, then the Samsung motion smoothing Auto Motion Plus or Picture Clarity feature very helpful to provide a clear picture made at 30 frames per second. If a picture made below 30 frames per second, it may be not working. If you turn on your Auto Motion Plus or Picture Clarity smoothing feature, this may cause of the soap opera effect.

If you don’t sure how to turn on the Samsung smoothing auto motion plus feature on your Samsung tv. Follow the below instructions step to stepwise to turn on and off the motion smoothing effect on your Samsung smart tv.

How to turn on the motion smoothing feature on Samsung tv?

1. Turn on your Samsung smart tv and open the Settings Menu by using your Samsung remote control.

2. After that, you need to select the Picture option.

3. Select the Expert Settings option which is given under the Picture menu.

4. After that, you need to select the Auto Motion Plus Settings or Picture Clarity Settings.

5. You will see the Auto motion plus settings set by default Auto. You can change as per your requirement.

6. Select the Auto Motion Plus or Picture clarity to change the settings custom or off.

7. If you selected the Custom option, then three auto motion plus settings will appear on your tv screen such as Blur Reduction, Judder Reduction and LED clear Motion.