KDE Neon 5.10 Release

KDE Neon 5.10 has already been released with the new environment. Know more about it and find out where to download the distro.

In addition to the installable DVD image, the project provides a software repository that is rapidly evolving with the latest versions of KDE applications.

In practice, KDE neon is the intersection of users’ needs who want the recent NES KDE community program in a stable version of Ubuntu with long-term support.

The distribution is available in two variations:

“User Edition”, which is designed for those interested in checking how the latest KDE software is, as soon as it is released.
“Developer” edition, created as a platform for cutting-edge testing for KDE applications.
The “User” edition provides the latest “officially released KDE software” on top of a stable Ubuntu LTS foundation. It’s perfectly suited for everyday use, and offers perhaps the simplest way to try out the latest KDE and Qt packages.

Now, if you like your KDE software with a little more stability, you can opt for the KDE neon LTS Edition. Note that this version provides the Plasma 5.8 LTS, not the latest version.

What’s New in KDE Neon 5.10

With KDE Neon 5.10 you get all the latest enhancements to the KDE Plasma 5.10 desktop, such as being able to group and unzip windows on the taskbar, place icons on the desktop, and access media controls from the lock screen.

That is, the main new features of KDE Neon 5.10 are exactly the same as the recently released KDE Plasma 5.10.

Download and try out KDE Neon 5.10

The KDE Neon 5.10 ISO image can now be downloaded by visiting the distribution download page .