Why do I have a stomach ache?


Why do I have a stomach ache?

Endurance sports enthusiasts, especially runners, may have small intestinal problems. Abdominal cramps, diarrhea … are relatively common ailments. Is it a problem of training, feeding or simply mechanical? The vibrations created during each reception on the ground would increase the speed of my transit? 

There are some points described what you do if you have a stomach ache

Did I catch cold during my digestion?

Once the clothes are soaked, even if they are made of Gore-Tex, they quickly become cold in the belly and the back. The muscles tense, blocking any optimal digestion activity. That’s why it’s important to dress smartly, to put on clothes that allow you to stay as long as possible while being well, and that protect the stomach and intestine . Overlap the layers while maintaining the proper balance between moisture removal and heat retention.

Did I wait long enough between my last meal and my meeting? 

In general, it is advisable to wait between 2:30 and 3 o’clock. This recommendation may vary from person to person. In fact, each one is made according to his feelings, his experience.

Did I make a dietary mistake?

An unbalanced diet , too rich, oily or too acid because of sweet dairy products, coffee, tea … can attack the digestive tract and intestine . Sunflower, groundnut oil, or those based on a mixture of four oils favor these inflammatory phenomena. Bet on olive oil, rapeseed oil, or better still on camelina and flaxseed, rich in omega-3s. Prefers complex sugars and whole grains to white flours and quick sugars.

Did I drink too much coffee?

We can not give a precise quantity to consume that corresponds to everyone. Several parameters are taken into account: stress in everyday life , taking treatment, birth control pills , antibiotics, personal and family history of fragility, or food intolerances. By force, the latter can result in intestinal hyperpermeability. Result: antibodies to wheat protein, milk.

Did I train too intensely?

A workout with split sequences will create more vibrations and digestive spasms than a quiet jog. On the other hand, the body uses the blood where it needs it. During the hours of effort, the blood supply to the intestine diminishes to optimize that of the organs, members heavily stressed. In tennis , the influx of blood will be favored in the legs and arms. There would be only 10% of the irrigation of the body going to the intestine.