Set up LG Smart TV can sometimes be a kind of nightmare or a joke in bad taste. It is not that it is complicated, it is something new and all new requires a time of adaptation and learning. Each technology has an adaptation time but thanks to official applications, this will be different. The uses of different applications for LG smart TV are different but among the most popular are remote controls and LG niche applications, that is, those specially created by them, for their needs. Check our ranking and choose the best apps for LG Smart TV that best suits your needs.


  • LG TV Remote

One of the classic headaches of a person who loves television broadcasts is undoubtedly when the remote control is lost; Fortunately, applications have been created that go in the same direction as your LG Smart TV and remote control is one of them. It should be noted that before installing the app, check very well if your TV is from 2012 onwards so you do not waste time and maybe your TV is not compatible. Thanks to this remote control for your LG, you can master the basic and advanced aspects of your smart TV and enjoy many hours of great content.

  • LG TV Pl us

Indispensable is this app if you bought an LG smart TV and accounts with an IOS device; one of the great features of this app is the possibility of managing, from your IOS, the applications that you have installed on the TV. It is quite an experience of synchronicity according to the main qualifications of frequent users of this application. A great added value of this LG Smart TV app is that it can also be used for remote control and its function is not reduced to just that. You can configure the Bluetooth connection so that the wireless experience with your LG is satisfactory. Install LG TV Plus and start enjoying the benefits of compatibility and synchrony between TV and mobile.



  • Facebook

Facebook will now be part of Smart TV equipment, it is much better to have social networks at hand to keep up with what is happening in the world, we can change our states, comment on the photos that we like and rate any publication . As we see social networks do not think to be left behind because they are already on your television.


YOMVI is part of the entertainment category, and it does entertain! It is suitable for the whole family, so you do not have to worry about inappropriate content for the kids in the house. In the YOMVI app for Smart TV LG you have a lot of channels in which to select what you most want to see at that moment, either:

  • Films
  • Series
  • Kids program
  • Entertainment
  • sports
  • Reports
  • And much more

And all with guaranteed quality. You just have to create your user account and start enjoying its advantages. It is an application for Smart TV free unlimited.

  • Youtube

It is impossible that you have never heard of youtube because it is very popular in young people and adults now it is on the screens of the new generation smart tv, children know how to use it and they practically spend more time watching youtube videos than on television, so you must have this app. If you do not know what it is, I will only tell you that there are stored large videos of all genres that you can imagine of course are legal and entertainment is guaranteed.

  • Netflix

It is well known to fans of movies and series, it is the perfect app because it entertains everyone with its wide library of videos that is excellent. Your Smart TV will not be complete without this application because you will find what you are looking for and save you money in going to the movies. The good thing is that every month new series appear, then it will always be new and you will not resist to stop seeing them.

  • Disney Channel

It is the turn of the kings of the house. And what would be a decent infacia without Disney? With the Disney Channel app for LG Smart TV children will be able to enjoy Disney’s most endearing films, from the classics to the most current ones. Yes, it is recommended for over twelve years, will it be for Star Wars? It also has Disney series and you can enjoy its content both a la carte (you choose) and live (see what they throw at that time). And on top it’s free!

  • eBay

Buy will be easier with the Ebay application for Smart TV now you can buy what you see on TV from the comfort of your room or in the place that your TV, the interface is simple and I personally buy most of my accessories using this application and also sell the things that I no longer need.

  • Cloud Tv

This app allows you to freely manage all the programs you want to watch at the time you choose, so the time when the TVs limited us to see what they wanted was left behind. You can access many channels through the internet to enjoy them without limits.