Linux Lite 3.6 beta

Jerry Bezencon has announced the release of a new snapshot of his Linux Lite 3.6 beta distro,. Learn more about it and find out where to download it

Linux Lite 3.6 beta  is a featherweight Linux distribution that does not need a super hardware, it can be used easily on older computers. Because of this, Linux Lite 3.6 beta requires a computer with 1.5 GHz CPU or higher, 1 GB of RAM and USB ports.
According to the team behind the distro states: “Linux Lite 3.6 beta is fully functional” Out of the box “(out of the box, or as it is delivered). This means that you will not have to install any extra software when starting the computer for the first time . ”

This is very useful, especially for beginners, since they do not need to go out looking for some basic applications to install.

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Linux Lite

What’s New in Linux Lite 3.6 Beta

Linux Lite 3.6 beta has includes a new search engine for the project help manual. This search engine is designed in such a way that the end result produces an easy to understand user interface. The search engine is available both offline and online, and is compatible with mobile or tablet.

Also added a new graphical repository manager called Lite Sources, which does not include repositories or Ubuntu software, and is only used to select and install applications created by the Linux Lite team, such as Lite Software, Lite Welcome, Lite Tweaks and so on.

To learn more about this version of the distribution, visit the release note .