online business

To start a new online business does not have to spend thousands of dollars of initial investment. With a modest $ 100, you can start an online business.

Find a suitable web host for online business

How to find a cheap and effective web hosting service while still maintaining your business?

Most hosting services for small companies have similar features like limited storage space, support for a number of databases and common publishing systems.

With these features, you can find for yourself services from $ 5-15 per month.

And if your website has a bit of a blog, why not use the free WordPress ( ) service, just as it is convenient and secure. After this, you can completely switch hosting service when conditions permit.

Design logo and website for your online business

There are many free logo design websites like Logo Ease  or LogoMaker . These websites will design a free logo for you based on the choices you make through the website. Quality is extremely, but generally acceptable.

However, if you want your logo in EPS format (higher quality) then you will have to pay. Just go to Google and search for “free logo” as you can find for a long list of free logo design services.

As with web design, you must carefully consider that the pay is within the reasonable amount of $ 100 you have. If you can not afford a tailor-made rental, you should take advantage of the available web design (available for free).

However, it should be noted that should not change the interface regularly (daily or weekly) to avoid making users “confused” with their website.

Build a low cost e-commerce site for online business

If you are going to sell items online, you will need a service that can handle ecommerce transactions, handle credit cards and ensure secure transactions.

If you request all of these on a separate server, the costs will be huge, time consuming and potentially vulnerable. It’s a good idea to outsource these functions to an online business hosting service such as Yahoo’s Merchant Solutions ($ 40 a month)

Find sales partners for online business

Thousands of “merchants” day and night still use Amazon to trade commodities. The biggest advantage of this approach is that you do not need a new website to sell.

The process is simple, you just have to sign up for an account with Amazon, paying $ 40 ($ 40) a month to be able to shop online comfortably.

In addition to Amazon, there are other similar services like and eBay. These are all very familiar places for a beginner to start his or her business with a limited investment.

Let Google know you

Do not despise Google because it is a useful tool for people to know you while you do not have to spend any consulting fees. You can find the website optimization process for Google to recognize you at:

Http:// .

Make more with Google AdSense

This Google Advertising Tool will bring you additional income, though less, but also very noticeable. Do not hesitate anymore, please add Google AdSense ads to your website.

Maybe you will earn some more USD per month. The money is scattered but it is still over, and it is important that it creates more advertising opportunities later.

Promote yourself

How can a online business run by an operator expand? It is always promoting yourself. Remember to add your website address to your e-mail signature.

Create a Facebook group for your business. Create a humorous blog about the products you sell. Always try to create charitable giving opportunities for advertising (for your own product or business).

Think of the games and, of course, the prizes to keep them entertained. In short, do not let people forget you, and make them always remember you.

Set up transaction address

A business must necessarily have a business address, and you are no exception. It is possible to obtain a transaction address in your home or somewhere suitable as long as it is accurate and convenient.

In addition, you will also need to have one or more numbers available 24 hours a day to answer customer calls.

As your business expands and is more professional, you can use the automated answering system to provide your customers with the most accurate and timely information.