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We have tested for you the 10 best online logo generator. When you hear the name of a company or brand, the first thing you remember is often its logo. Sometimes seeing a logo is enough to identify a company and what it represents.

So when you’re about to launch your business, you need to choose an evocative image for your logo. One that will not only better represent your business, but also make it attractive to your potential customers. A logo can say hundreds of things. It can embody your business, your goals, those who work for it or your customers.

For more details on creating your brand, here’s How to create your brand identity

In this article, we have tested for you the 10 best online logo generators. Small budget, professional designers, image formats . It’s up to you to choose, among your criteria, the site that will fit you best. And that will help you to reveal to the world the identity of your activity

Top 10 best logo generator websites to create your logo

1. Logaster

It is really very simple to create your logo with Logaster .
Click the ” Create a logo” button . Enter the name of your activity, website or blog and select your industry. Logaster will then generate a wide selection of logos from which you can choose. If you can settle for a small image, you can download it for free. A full logo is available at $ 9.99. But you can go back to the site and edit it whenever you want;)
You can also use this professional logo generator to design several items like your envelopes, business cards and favicons .

Let’s recap:
● Huge database with ready-to-use templates
● Free small logo
● You can edit your logo even after payment
● User-friendly interface
● You can create a unique style for your business
● Additional services (business card, favicon, letterhead, etc.)

● The large logo costs $ 9.99
● You can not modify the templates in the database

2. Tailorbrands

With Tailorbrands , creating a logo takes a little longer. Enter the name of your activity, describe it in a few words and choose the type of your logo (logotype, logomark, etc.).
The platform will then display several logo variations. According to Tailorbrands, the logo generator uses smart algorithms to create high quality logos. So hope you find what you need among them;)

Let’s recap:
● Logos are designed with smart algorithms
● Free logo (with watermark)

● Limited editing features
● A little longer creative process
● Limited choice of images
● Full size logo and EPS format costs $ 39

3. Graphicprings

Graphicprings is another site that allows you to design your logo in minutes. Start by entering the name of your activity (or your website) and select the theme of your logo. Then browse several pages of preconceived logos to choose the best.

You can preview your logo on different media. You must make a payment to download a complete logo. A JPG logo is available for $ 19.99. To be able to edit your logo an unlimited number of times, you must pay $ 39.99.

● Large selection of pre-designed logos
● Editing is available even after payment
● High quality images

● No free logo

4. Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo Generator generates simple but smart logos;) Start by choosing the best shape for your future logo. Draw a circle, a square, lines, etc. You can add other elements, experiment with different background images and much more. A free logo (PNG 2400 х 2000 or SVG) is available for $ 5.

Let’s recap:
● You can extensively edit your logo (change text, size and color, or even apply effects)
● $ 5 for a “raster” or “vector” image (both options cost $ 10)
● Logo small size free

●You can not cancel your changes, that is, if you are not satisfied with the result, you will have to start again …
● “Hipster” images only

5. FreeLogoDesign

Free Logo Design works like the two generators listed above. On the main page, you will need to fill in two fields: the name of your activity and the sector concerned. Then you will be able to choose from an impressive range of logos associated with the sector of your chosen activity. Choose the one that suits you best and modify it if necessary.
FreeLogoDesign offers many editing options. This allows you to really change your original logo so that it is unrecognizable! To obtain a free logo, no registration is required. In contrast, a normal size logo costs $ 59.

● Free small logo
● Large collection of templates
● Various editing possibilities

● Quite expensive: $ 59 for a logo of maximum size

6. Logoshi

Logoshi is a rather unusual logo creation service, but it’s an ideal choice for creative people! What makes this site a bit different is that you have to draw your logo yourself. Based on your own design, the generator will then provide you with several logo variations. You can then modify the selected image, its layout, its color or its font. There you go ! The logo will be yours for $ 49.

Let’s recap:
● More interesting / creative logo creation process than others

● No free logo
● Choice of fairly basic templates

7. DesignMantic

With DesignMantic , creating your logo is easy and fast. You just need to enter the name of your activity and select your category from the list provided. The service will display your 4 logo variations in color. When registering, you can then download one of them for $ 37. In addition to providing logos, this American online generator will also allow you to create personalized business cards.

Let’s recap:
● You can edit your logo
● Large selection of ready-to-use templates
● Color logos
● Additional services (web site design, social media banners, etc.)

●No Free Logo
● To create other graphic products, Design Mantic works with Zillion Designs. This makes the logo creation process a little longer, expensive and difficult to control.

8. Zillion Designs

Zillion Designs offers over 20 different services, including web design, blog template design, and more. You must enter your logo budget (starting at $ 199) and your basic needs. Then you can discuss your project with the designers who have agreed to create a logo for you. The edition is available throughout the creation process. Designers have seven days to do the job and offer you several logo options. Then you choose the one you like the most!

Let’s recap:
● Your logo is created by professional designers
● You can discuss your logo with the designers and make the adjustments you want

●No logo free
● Longer creative process
● High price (starting at $ 199) and additional cost for other style elements

9. LogoYes

LogoYes is still a logo generator in English. Start by clicking on ” Build a logo now! “. Find your category and choose from the vast library of professional designs. Then change your logo as many times as you like. Once you are satisfied with the result, buy your logo and download it in all available formats.

● Large collection of pre-designed logos including text
● Editable templates

● Editor harder to use (less intuitive)
● Quite expensive ($ 40)

10. Logogeny

The Logogenie site is available in English and French. Select your category and enter the name and slogan of your activity. Choose a logo from the library and customize it in the editor. Then download your design during the payment!
One of the biggest advantages of Logogenie is undoubtedly its choice among a multitude of pretty images. Let’s recap

● Wide library of possible models
● Quite intuitive editor

● Quite high price ($ 66.90)

Other logo maker tools:

  1. Logo maker
  2. Logomakr
  3. Logo Crips
  4. DesignEvo and etc.