The Best Photoshop Alternatives You Must Try In 2018

Photoshop alternatives

In the world of image editing there are many proposals or Photoshop alternatives, ranging from simple programs to more complex ones. The latter are used mainly in the professional environment, users who want to make work of changes to the photos usually think of software like those in the suite Adobe, this article we want to propose what we believe to be the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop.

We state that no program can completely replace Adobe Photoshop that remains the best of its kind, but if you need to perform simple photo editing jobs , you can choose one of the many alternatives that we propose below.

The best Photoshop alternatives for PC


GIMP is the best free image editing program and also best Photoshop alternative , it has a good graphical interface that implements many functions and enormous expand ability, thanks to the presence of scripts and plugins, many of which are pre-installed and ready for use.

GIMPWho uses Adobe Photoshop should not find it difficult to use this software, because the core concepts are very similar  You can use layers, masks, advanced filters, color adjustments and more, you can also add features with the ability as desired.

In addition, animations are also supported, you need to install a tool that is easy to use to make them available and possible.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is one of the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, fast, fluid, powerful more than ever, provides a great set of tools designed for professionals of photography.

You can make adjustments to images or create real compositions on multiple levels, all at the maximum performance and power whether it’s quick fixes or more detailed tweaks, in this app you can find the solution to everything.

Support for unlimited levels, with a complete library of adjustment layers, level effects and live filter levels , everything can be grouped, cropped, fused together to create incredible and complex compositions.


Paint.NET is a very advanced image editing program, which has become less powerful than others, but much easier to use than GIMP, thanks to its much more familiar interface.

Paint.NETThe user has full control of the interface, you can drag the windows according to your preferences and performed all the basic tasks, supports the levels. It has a good range of filters, activatable plugins and support for many types of files.

It is undoubtedly one of the best Photoshop alternatives to use, even if it is not a product suitable for professionals, since many professional functions are absent.

MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer

MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer is a powerful and complete program that combines image processing with professional vector graphics technology, in this way you can create works of art, design for private or business use, postcards, wedding albums, logos, brochures and much more.

The tools available are really many and all able to provide the user with a good support for the creation of professional images and photographs.

Moreover, those who want professional results without too many complications, can choose from more than 250 adaptable models and 1000 graphics already included in the software.

Online Best Photoshop Alternatives


Pixlr is one of the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop online, completely free, you can upload image directly from your computer or point to a URL on the web.

The interface is very similar to Photoshop, you can access this web app anywhere, there are features such as Dodge, Burn and Clone , but also many selection tools, tool sets, support levels, filters and many effects with which to indulge .

There are also advanced tools for color selection, image adjustment options and many other interesting options for more advanced users.


PicMonkey is a web app that manages to best manage the perfect balance between an intuitive interface and an advanced set of functions.

Present a wide range of tools to use, you can add shapes, texts, textures and many other Instagram-style effects with which you can have a good time.

It is certainly not a professional solution, but it is certainly suitable for quick changes and to play with some effect.

You can access from any device , in addition, you can also make a paid upgrade to get some extra features and eliminate annoying ads.


Aviary is a great web app for retouching, editing and editing every aspect of photos and images, it offers lots of tools and effects, to get professional results in just a few clicks.

Intuitive graphical interface and clear and well-designed design , this online tool allows you to work on images loaded directly from your computer, by accessing a series of photo editing features that have nothing to envy to the most famous photo editing programs.

A good alternative to Adobe Photoshp for users who do not have great pretensions but want to have fun creating new and interesting effects on their images.

Best Photoshop Alternatives for Android and iPhone / iPad

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a simple, fast, intuitive and fun application, has a pleasant and immediate interface , allowing full functionality management even if it is the first time you use the app.

As soon as you launch the application, the edit screen is shown, where you can select a photo or take a new one, or access other upload options.

There are several filters and features , most are applied by swiping the finger on the screen, at any time you can change your mind and reverse the changes made on the photo, after you can share through social networks and apps.


Pixlr is an application to edit and edit images, suitable for inexperienced users and professionals, allows you to create photo collages with a wide selection of layouts, backgrounds and effects.

Selfie improvement thanks to specific tools , image stylization like pencil drawing, pen sketch, posters and much more.

Overlays to adjust the tone of the photo, amplify or soften or add surreal shadows, adding captions, texts, objects and many effects.

Image resizing is quick and flexible , the final results can be shared with friends through the major social networks.


Snapseed is a very intuitive app both from the point of view of graphics and that of usability, has different effects that allow you to achieve almost professional results.

To improve the overall quality of the photo you have to choose the “Calibrate” option that allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, shadows and temperature.

Among the various options there are also “Transform” to change the perspective or angle of the photo, while to remove the defects there is the“Correction” option .

These are just some of the changes that can be made on the images, both automatically and manually, you can choose from time to time what to do.