Online Video Resizer – Adjust the size of our videos for Social Networks

online video resizer

Most of us are accustomed to share videos through social networks , these multimedia elements manage to attract the attention of our followers. We will discuss on Online Video Resizer which helps to resize your video for your social media platforms.

An important aspect, which we do not all consider, is to worry about optimizing the videos that we are going to publish through social networks.

Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to be an expert in video editing to resize the videos we are going to publish, that is, adjust its size according to the recommendations offered by each social network.

online video resizer

There are free tools to do homework, such as Online Video Resizer . With the help of this web utility we can resize any video to optimize it to the standards of the main social networks.

Online Video Resizer is a completely free online tool , you do not even need to register, to use directly in our usual browser.

Features of Online Video Resizer

  • Web application completely free .
  • It does not need registration or completing forms.
  • It is used directly in our preferred browser , without the need for downloads or installations.
  • It serves to adjust the size of the videos and thus optimize them for publication on different social networks.
  • We can upload a local video or indicate your URL if it is hosted on any Internet site.
  • Optimization profiles for different social networks : Instagram feed, Instagram stories, Facebook feed, Twitter feed.
  • Very easy to use from the first moment, no complications or previous learning.

How to use Online Video Resizer

To start using Online Video Resizer immediately you only need to visit the page of this online tool to optimize videos for Social Networks.

Now is the time to upload the video you need to optimize , you can also write or paste your URL if you are hosted on an Internet site.

Finally, select in which social network you are going to publish it and click on ” CREATE VIDEO “. Wait a few moments for the video optimization process to finish, then you can download it in Mp4 format or share it directly via a URL.