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Today, you can easily download the articles, notes, and books from many available free books downloading website by using the internet. If you want to download a book, article or notes, please check the legal issue before the downloading from the websites. Downloading a book or note is illegal if the Books website has no ownership rights.

If you are using the website for downloading the free book or notes. The shift on a new domain permanently.

If you don’t find your article, notes or book on site then you can search your article or book on alternative websites.

Best alternative sites

You find a number of websites for downloading the book or articles over the internet. We have a list of the best alternative sites of You follow below this websites for finding your books or notes by using the internet.

Bookfi is the best alternative site of the website. Bookfi websites have a number of ebooks in multi-languages. The Booki website original language is Russian. You can easily search your article or book by entering the book name in search box.

Note: Please check the legal issue before downloading the book from Bookfi website. A book publisher and owner have the ownership rights.

Library Genesis (

Library Genesis or LibGen is the most popular search engine for downloading and searching the various topics, articles, and books. It is also the best alternative website.

You can search and download free book’s pdf file from LibGen websites. LibGen websites offer to download the free books related to LibGen (Sci-Tech), Scientific articles, Fiction,
Comics and  Standards Magazines topics.

As per Wikipedia website, Lib Gen has the collection of  2.7 million books and 58 million science magazine files.

Project Gutenberg (

Project Gutenberg website is also the right choice for downloading free books. Project Gutenberg has a collection of 57000 free ebooks. You can also use the website an alternative of sites.

You can find the world’s best literature on the Project Gutenberg website which copyright has already expired. You no need to require any fee or registration before the downloading the ebooks.

Open Library (

Open Library website is another popular website for reading and downloading the ebooks by using the internet.

You can easily browse your book by selecting specific categories like Art, fantasy, Biographies, Science, Recipes, Romance, Religion, Mystery and Directive stories, Music, Medician, Plays, and History.

Free-Ebooks ( )

You can also use the Free-Ebooks website as Bookzz alternative. website has thousands of free ebooks which related to Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Self Help, Business and Many more.

ChestofBooks (

Chestofbooks website offers only reading online ebooks at free of cost. You can’t download the ebooks or article on

You can easily browse your topic to choose your specific categories such as Animals, Architecture, Arts, Business, Computers, Crafts, Fairy, Tales, Finance, Flora and Plants, Cooking, Gardening, Health and Healing, History, Home Improvements, Languages, New Age, Novels, Real Estate, Reference, Religion, Science, Society, Sports, Travel, Outdoors and many more.

LibraryThing (

LibraryThing provides the service in many languages. LibraryThing website is a catalog website where you can share and store your ebook.

You need the registration on LibraryThing before downloading the ebooks. It has a large community over 2,300,000 book lovers.

ManyBooks (

ManyBooks website is one of the best options of Bookzz alternative site. ManyBooks website has 50000+ modern and classic ebooks. You can read the online ebook on ManyBooks websites or you can also download free ebooks as your interest.