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Smart TV  is a leap that will bring us the audiovisual future that is not so far unit the possibilities that a PC or a mobile phone gives you traditional TV. All in one, the final goodbye to the famous “silly box”. One of the benefits that it presents is that we can expand its possibilities and give it even more utility by installing different applications that will give us endless possibilities.


Due to the fact that we do not always and always have time to sit in front of the TV and we simply want to hear music while we do family tasks or chat with our friends. brings you the possibility to hear the music you want. Every moment has its music, and now you decide what the soundtrack of your life will be. Do not choose it for you.

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Yes, Skype has its version for Smart TV. From now on you will be able to chat with yours as if you were meeting in the living room of the house. Of course, as is logical, you will need a webcam to be able to operate this app and you must take into consideration the television models you have before acquiring yours.

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Wuaki TV

What do you give today on TV? That question has already become obsolete with smart televisions. The appropriate question would be: what do I want to see on TV today?

Wuaki Tv is among the applications that we recommend the most thanks to its extensive range of products that we can see at the time that best suits us. Forget about watching a movie at 3 o’clock in the morning and having ads posted or that you miss your favorite series because you have a lot of work that day.

Movies, series and documentaries that you can not miss. The app is free for Samsung, Phillips, Sony, LG, and Panasonic smart tv.

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If you want to know what time you are going to do tomorrow and do not trust the man of time (it is true that sometimes they do not give one).

Accuweather is the most downloaded  Smart TV weather app and also installed among users.

In its web, mobile or tablet version, the success is indisputable thanks to its precision and all those little details that will tell us if we have to take out the umbrella or change the wardrobe.

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Among the apps for Smart TV is more entertaining. You are going to take a good laugh in the company of friends and family. 

Test your skills as a vocalist and turn your TV into a genuine professional karaoke. You can try the free version in which there are several songs, and if you are satisfied you can buy considerably more at two euros a week or five euros per month.

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