Best Apple TV Apps

You already know that Apple TV is quite popular in the field of the set-top box for the market today. Those who do not know what is ‘ set-top box’. It is a decoder for tv which manages to capture digital or analog signals. The objective is simply to be able to enjoy the television and its programming.

Apple TV is one of the most common examples to date and if you are a fan of the brand, you will love this. In case you have an iPhone, Mac or iPad, you can enjoy the best applications for Apple TV that are on the market today.



Did you see a series and you no longer remember which chapter you went to? Maybe several has happened to such an inconvenience. It has also happened to me.

From there, Plex is the answer to such a problem. It is an app that organizes all the files and will begin to classify them according to gender, artist, director or their year.

Also, it will remind you of what you have already seen and what you are about to see that way there will be no loss in your programming.

A simple app to handle that surely you will need to have. In case you get tired constantly browsing through the folders of the Finder and you do not find what you are looking for.

Plex is the best apple tv app and responsible for providing it. You will have all the collection you need to never leave the house anymore.


Who does not know Netflix?

It is a popular service for streaming audiovisual enjoyment that has revolutionized television.

Did you ever imagine that you could watch series and movies of your choice through the Internet in a legal way?

Netflix has done it. You can see what you want, at the time you want. 

With an immense catalog that is constantly updated, you can watch movies, series, documentaries, children’s programs, etc. Entertainment is assured with this red platform. Its easy interface makes it possible for even the smallest of the house to control it.

And the best thing is that you could use Netflix app for a month of testing. You could get rid of the apple tv app in case it does not convince you. Enjoy audiovisual content without those annoying advertising pictures now!


Beamer would be one of the simplest best apple tv apps but most efficient alternatives when watching Mac movies on the Apple TV.

The work of the app is simple because the system works same as a conventional desktop player that we know quite well. You just have to play the video of the Mac and we can enjoy it from the Apple TV .

It is a tool to enjoy movies on the Apple TV that will give you a lot of freedom, more than AirPlay itself. The tool can support a variety of formats such as mkv, avi, wmv, mp4, mov and fl v.

Equally, the quality in terms of audio and video are exceptional. The tool manages to automatically detect the subtitles and link them according to the added characteristics.


AirParrot would be something like a Swiss army knife for those Apple lovers. It is a tool that gives the possibility to divide the screen between two of the Mac and pass it to the Apple TV.

No special cable or extra program is required. Again, the Apple TV app opens a whole world to the user and displaces the AirPlay.


iFlicks is one of the most downloaded Apple TV App or used by AppleTV users. Although this is also aimed at those who have an iPad.

For anyone, it is a mystery that iOS in many situations does not support a variety of video formats as one would like.

This is where this tool appears, with the possibility of transforming the videos and passing them to a format that Apple TV and other iOS terminals have the ability to read. You just have to drag and drop the file you want to convert.

A significant advantage of the tool over other converters is that it gives the possibility to attach or change the metadata of the visual file.

No matter what it may be, they can be movies or television series. Undoubtedly, one of the best options you have available that will change your experience of enjoying the best audiovisual content.


If you want to use this app, you must use AirPlay. It is a tool that is directly integrated into the Apple TV and manages to link with the files of any device you own in iOS to enjoy them on the AppleTV.

You simply have to send through AirPlay.  The Torrent document that you wish to view without having to download it. So, you will have to take any Torrent, send the stream and in that way to be able to see it without needing memory or fear of downloading viruses.

 Infuse Pro

In case your need is to play all the video formats on the Apple TV 4k or the old generation, you need a good player like this. The classics are responsible for reading conventional formats, but with this tool, we go a step further.

  • And it is that the extensive concurrence of formats makes it incredible, you can read: DVR-MS, WTV, MOV, M4V, MP4, WMV, MKV, MTS, AVI, ISO, VIDEO_TS, OGM, ASF, FLV, 3GP, WebM and others plus. Without a doubt, very complete and everything with the possibility of seeing it in Full 4k.
  • Also, videos can be sent from the same iPhone phone, computer, Mac and even Plex. Of course, other services such as Kodi or the same Cloud, work perfectly.
  • It will give you the possibility to download directly and add subtitles in an optimized way starting from the same tool.
  • You can control the gestures with it.