Have you ever bought a whiskey with a very acid or nonexistent flavor? Yes, I know, it has also happened to me. Even, what mess those times when the taste of alcohol dulls the woody product. I decided to stop worrying, and I chose the best whiskey in the market. And with it, I relax and forget all my stress, and even my most ingrained physical pains. So, dear reader, if you are at this moment tired of having a drink that anesthetizes taste, that is not sweet enough, and that is not genuine either; We recommend you to continue reading this article written especially for you. We have selected a comparison of prices affordable and less expensive of good quality to buy.

What is the best whiskey?

You do not need to know how to pronounce the name of the brand you are buying correctly, only know how to identify which characteristics provide an optimal criterion to a Scotsman. The final result is based on how much peat has been used, what type of wood cask has been used for storage; as well as the storage time. There is a very important rule in this area. The more aging you have the better the final taste quality. ( 8 years, 12 years or 18 years).

Depending on the region, you will find different companies with a different manufacturing recipe; For example, some may taste sweeter, while others tend to be spicier than others. The secret lies in identifying in which area the manufacturing characteristics you are looking for are located. You can tell if a Scotsman is good by his color too; Usually, the high-quality indicator color is mahogany, copper, and old gold.

1. Scotch Whiskey Whiskey – 700 ml

Keep the tradition alive

Following the classic line of Talisker, this product is made exclusively from maltose, direct from the Isle of Skye. It has a mixture of two nuances that combine to provide a unique sensation: the smoky with the soft is mixed with a light touch of Talisker 10 years.

Why use a companion? This delicious flavor tastes much better alone, leaves behind water, soda. It contains 45.8% alcohol, completely free of gluten. T

2. Johnnie Walker Green Scotch Whiskey – 700 ml

Popular, but not because of its poor finish

This green label has a minimum aging time of 15 years and collects flavors of malts from all manufacturing areas, including Highlands and Lowlands, Scottish Islands, and Speyside. Its flavor of grass and fruit, mixed with wood smoke, pepper, vanilla, and sandalwood create an explosion of flavors inside your mouth.

Winner of the double gold prize. This drink has an alcohol level of 43%. In addition, its authenticity makes exquisite taste is tasted alone, or with ice. You could not ask for more.

3.Lagavulin Scotch Whiskey – 700 ml

A much more intense flavor

Made since 1816, this Scottish malt gives a more intense and smoky taste than other units. It has more than 16 years of fermentation that gives it that woody character with a very sweet and subtle fruity sensation.

It has a dry finish, with a golden amber color quite provocative and sensual. The marine touch with seaweed gives a more exclusive presentation, to give a sensation that combines the spicy with the sweet elegance of fruity notes under an oak background. Drink it in still water to maintain the flavors of this product at all levels.

4.Cardhu Gold Reserve Scotch Whiskey – 700 ml

A pure gold edition

This special edition of the high-end Cardhu is made to enhance much more the taste thanks to the exquisite blend of biscuit-flavored oak, with some toffee and apple notes. In addition, the magnificence that cinnamon gives you as that characteristic additive that touches the last vibe will allow you to taste a dry and terrific Scotch.

Your bottle has a luxurious presentation that makes it ideal for an elite gift and cache. It has a one year barrel storage time, with an alcohol level of 40%. A delight with ice served in a round glass.

5.Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey – 700 ml

One of the most sold units

He dominated the American market in 2016, leading the rank of the most sold drinks in bars and discos in the United States. What is your secret? Its woody flavor of oak, vanilla, spices and pepper form an unprecedented mix of taste sensations inside your mouth.

It is an ideal option to make cocktails thanks to its spicy presentation, dry and clean, unique to this company. In addition, the degree of alcohol that it has, 45%, makes it ideal to combine. It is quite sweet, but with a bit of spice at the end that creates that addictive vibe that we love so much.