Best Google tools

As many of you know, the Google search engine is giant. Google has a lot of tools which some of them are not used much, but they are very useful.

Today, I am going to share a list of Google tools. Google has designed for students and faculty (in its Google for Educators section) which will help create more dynamic and informative classes.

Here are Top 10 Best Google tools for Teachers and Students

Best Google tools1. Google Custom Search Engine

Google Custom Search Engine tool that will allow you to create your own personalized search engine. In this way, you can offer your students to the best of the web.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs will allow teachers and students to use a web-based word processor, spreadsheets, and presentation editor which they can use office applications in a secure and collaborative way from any computer.

3. Google Groups :

In this google tool, you can install a discussion group for your class in Google Groups.

4. Google News :

Google News is a great web service tool that will help you find news in newspapers and magazines around the world.

5. Google Maps :

Your class can use Google Maps to create maps of their community, learn about cities, etc.

6. Google Page Creator :

This Google tool allows teachers and students to create useful web pages without having to use tagging code.

7. iGoogle :

iGoogle tool allows you to create a personalized page for your students. It will include components such as a school calendar, favorites, news and much more.

8. Blogger :

Starting a class blog with Blogger is useful since you can share the work and portraits that you have done in class.

9. Google Calendar

You can easily communicate to your students the days and hours with Google Calendar tool.

For example. they will have exams.

10. Search for Google books

A web service to search the full text of popular books for your students.

In short, the 10 best tools that every student and teacher should use for better learning and ease in their classes. Remember that here we have already discussed dozens of options that can make life easier for students and teachers.