There are few web pages to download torrents through EliteTorrent. Some pages have been blocked on EliteTorrent. IT is the best time to know the best alternatives to EliteTorrent. Websites where we can find very similar content, even sharing uploaders, and where we will have a huge amount of torrents to download.

The top of web portals for downloading torrents worldwide. We will find The Pirate Bay one hundred percent of what interests us. There are other alternatives to EliteTorrent that we should review.

torrent websitesAlternatives to EliteTorrent: where to find torrents in 2018

RARBG is the second most popular torrent download website in the world followed by, which occupies third place. There are also LimeTorrents, TorrentDownloads, and Torrentz2 among many others of great importance.

Among the torrent web portals in Spanish, stands out as one of the most interesting options as aan alternativeto EliteTorrent. is another option to take into account especially for its age.

Here is the complete list of links to Torrent websites both international and national.

Top International Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the oldest and most time-consuming alternative in the community. If you have problems, you can try The Pirate Bay.


This is an another most alternative that in recent years has been gaining users constantly. Especially due to the care that its founder puts to the visitors of its portal to feel at ease, this is one of the best-rated sites of recent years.


This is a torrent file portal that started to work in Bulgaria. It has been also gaining the trust of users all over the world. Here you can download videos, games, movies and series with the rarbg tag of this portal. You know, it is already common in many alternative sites. Unfortunately, some countries have banned RarBG altogether, including Saudi Arabia,, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and India.

YTS.AG is another BitTorrent tracker and it si slightly different from TPB and RarBG. But the truth is that in recent months has suffered one of the largest increases. There are also an impressive number of movies in high-def 720p, 1080p, and even 3D.


It is the replacement of the original site which voluntarily closed its doors this past summer. It is a meta-search engine that provides users with a new and improved version by indexing more than 60 torrent sites.


Currently, it has more than 10 million files in a torrent format in its database.


This alternative comes from an older portal that had to close its doors due to a hostile acquisition in 2015. New owners say they operate with their own torrents. Of course, this site is voted in various meta-search engines due to these suspicious movements.


This website has been around for a few years. it is one of the oldest torrent websites. It is together with TPB. it is currently blocked by ISPs from several countries.


A site that in recent times had lost some ground but it seems that in recent months has recovered part of what was lost.

Top Torrent Websites in Spain is most popular in Spain to download torrent files. It has a direct and simple interface in which the most popular torrents of the day are added daily, sections that sort by categories the types of downloads, as well as a search engine to find the movies according to their quality. The page only offers torrent links, so we will not find magnets. /

Some of the most comfortable when checking what content has just come out thanks to its latest downloads section, as well as see the most popular releases and upload quality. Thanks to these pages are many years over (10 years already).

Organize your page based on the most popular downloads in the case of movies, and the series is organized in separate posts. In this way, when a new chapter of a series comes out, all they do is update the post where these chapters are included, so that they are sorted and you do not have to manually search one by one in the search engine in the case of that we want to download a full season.

One of the classic ones that continues giving war. Like the rest of the pages, it focuses mainly on content related to movies and series. The page has categories that order the uploads based on quality and language.

The page offers daily content, with movies, series, music, games and even magazines. It has three ways to download content: through direct download on web pages, through torrents with magnetic links, or through streaming, everything ordered in the same file that we want, with the different qualities in which it is available (HDRip, Micro HD, Screener, etc)