The best websites with free plugins for Photoshop

free plugins for Photoshop

When we talk about image editing, Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the tool bar excellence in this world. An application from which it is possible to do practically everything about our photographs or images.

However, the Adobe tool is not a tool that anyone who does not have previous knowledge in image editing can use. The large number of tools and menu options is one of its strengths, but even so, Photoshop allows us to add new features .

Next, we will show you the best websites with free plugins for Photoshop .

The Photoshop tool offers the possibility to add new functions and improve certain tools through the installation of plugins .

Many of these plugins are paid, however, we can find really interesting plugins that we can install in Photoshop to add new tools completely free of charge.

Adobe itself offers some official plugins for Photoshop for free that we can download and install from the Adobe page itself in this same link . Among all of them, we can highlight some of them like the TWAIN plugin, which allows you to import images or scanned content in Photoshop.

However, we can also find a lot of free plugins for Photoshop developed by third parties and that Adobe itself does not recommend from its Adobe Add-ons page.

free plugins for Photoshop

But in addition, we can also find a lot of sites where you can download plugins for Photoshop for free. Therefore, if you are missing any option in Photoshop, you can always find a plugin that incorporates that characteristic to the Adobe tool and install it.

For example, Google Nik Collection is a good package of plugins for retouching photographs . Specifically, this package contains seven plugins to correct imperfections, apply filters, reduce photo noise, enhance color, etc.

Best Plugins  is another site where we can download free plugins for Photoshop and add new features to the image editing tool. But not only do we find Photoshop plugins, since on this site they offer plugins for other types of software.

If we look for the ones in Photoshop, then we have to go to the plugins section for Photoshop , where we will find all kinds of complements to add new effects to your images, new features to the layers and new tools to apply textures or new brushes, among others.

Since the Photoshop brush tool  is one of the most used, surely the Brusheezy site will love us. In this web we will find a lot of free brushes to draw in Photoshop.