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techcrunch youtubeThe YouTube team has a new strategy in mind when a new division that will be exclusively in charge of detecting inappropriate content before it goes viral.

This dynamic of early detection will depend on the data that YouTube already uses for its moderation system, and on a series of external sources. For example, user reports trends in social networks and expert reports etc.

Once the content is detected in different measures will be applied to the users. For example, eliminating the video, removing advertising, among others. An initiative that seeks to eradicate the growing problems caused by users who no longer have limits, sharing degrading content and that quickly becomes viral.

In addition, to complement this initiative, YouTube will be associated with more than 100 organizations, academic entities, and governments, which will help them in the management of this type of content.

It remains to see if there are new dynamics, along with the measures that YouTube has announced in recent months. It achieves short-term with the expected result.