how do i download apps to my sony bravia tv
how do i download apps to my sony bravia tv

If you are a new user of Sony Android Smart Tv and you don’t know how to download and install the apps on your Sony Android TV. After reading this article, you can easily to download and install apps on your Sony Android TV just like your smartphone.

Follow the steps to download and install your Sony Android TV Apps

1. Open Google Play Store

Open the Google Play Store for downloading and installing your app in your Android Smart TV.

Note: If you are using the Google Play store the first time then you will log in and accept the Term of Services which associated with Google Play Store.

2. Find Your App

You can find your app by browsing the Google Play Store categories such as featured apps, Music, family and many more.

3. Select Your App

You can select your app by using your Sony Android tv Remote. Press the enter button on your Sony Smart TV remote for selecting the app. You can also check the information about the app before installing.

4. Install Your App

If you want to install your selecting app, press on the install button and wait for some time for completing the installing process.

After the successful app installation, you can use the app on your android smart tv.