Some of the Vizio soundbars have the ability to control by other different tv remotes. You can control with another remote for controlling the volume up and down, mute and other functions.

How to program the Vizio Sound Bar

You can program your tv remotes to Vizio sound bar by using the IR commands. Follow the below steps to control the soundbar with the tv remote.

  • Take your remote and press on the Menu Button.
  • Use the Up and Down button to program remote and next or previous button for volume increase, decrease and mute.
  • If you want to vol+, vol – and mute, then you need to press on the Play button for putting your Vizio sound bar in learning mode. Now, press on the Vol + or vol – or the mute button for increase or decrease or mute your sound bar volume. After successfully recognise your tv remote, your soundbar LED light indicators flashes twice times.

Note: If your Vizio soundbar has an HDMI ARC port, then you can use this port to connect with your tv. You can manage your soundbar by using your smart tv’s CEC settings for controlling your soundbar functions.