How to Install Kodi on Sony Bravia TV

You can buy the Sony Bravia television powered by Andriod tv. You no need to buy any external devices for watching the Kodi on your sony smart tv. You can install the Kodi Addons on your sony smart tv to enjoy with your favourite shows.

If you don’t sure how to add Kodi app on sony android tv, then follow the below instructions for installing Kodi app on Sony Bravia tv.

How to install Kodi on Sony Smart TV

Follow the below steps to install Kodi on sony smart tv.

1. First, you need to open or launch Google Play Store app on your sony tv launcher.

2. After that, you need to click on the Search icon button that will show on the left top corner on your sony tv’s display.

3. After clicking on the search icon button, type Kodi text on the Search bar.

4. Kodi app icon will appear on your screen click on it.

5. After click on the Kodi app icon, click on the Install Button for installing an app on your sony android tv.

6. Accept all permission which is required for the installation app.

7. After installation of Kodi app, you need to go in-app section for using the Kodi app.

8. If you want to move your Kodi app in front of your desired app location. Select the Kodi app and long press and hold on your remote control and move it.