How to Record on a Hisense Smart TV

How to record on a hisense smart tv

If you don’t want to miss your shows or serials, then you can use the Hisense tv pvr function and T shift function for recording your favorite TV shows and movies temporarily as well as permanently.

You can also record your favorite TV shows by using USB as well as Digital receivers. But, Hisense provides two functions like PVT and T shift for record to a show. You can follow the below steps to record on a Hisense smart TV.

PVR Function – For using to Hisense TV recording by using DTV

You can easily record your TV shows and movies to watch later by using the PVR function to enable in your Hisense smart tv. But, PVR is used the DTV source only for recording your television content. 

Here’s  the steps how  to record on a hisense smart tv by using PVR function

  1. Enable PVR Function
  2. First, you need to format your storage disk ( external hard drive ) by using FAT32 or NTFS formatting. Other format is not accepted.
  3. After that you can choose one of recording options from Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and PVR or T.Shift.
  4. If you want to select PVR, then you need to press on the [ v ] button to select PVR.
  5. After that, you can press on  [■] button for stopping your TV content recording.
  6. After stop to record, the files will be saved with .PVR extension.
  7. After that, you can play your smart tv recording content in Media.

T.Shift – to record live broadcast with a delay

You can watch the live broadcast show with delay by using the T.Shift function. T.shift function allow to record temporarily your live broadcast shows in your hard disk. Remember one thing, your hard disk must be above then 1 GB.

Here’s the steps to record tv to hard drive by using T.Shift

  1. Take your remote control and pressing on the T.shift button which display on the Menu.
  2. After that you can use the pause  [II] button to pause your live broadcast shows.
  3. Press the  [>] button to play your live broadcast show with a delay time.
  4. You can use the << to watch reverse and >> use to watch advance playback.
  5. You can use the [■] button to stop the T.Shift Function and watch the current (live) shows.


  1. Use the USB 3.0 device.
  2. Maximum 1 TB Hard disk supported.
  3. If you want to record your DTV Video streaming in USB Storage, then USB storage transfer rate must be above 5MB/s.
  4. PVR not supported analogue channels.
  5. If you are using the Channel Locks then PVR Function is disable.