LG Magic Remote is not Working | Troubleshooting

You are facing problem for operating power ON/OFF, volume, home button on your lg magic remote.

If your lg magic remote is not working, then you can follow the below check list for trobleshooting your LG magic remote control.

Checklist for troubleshooting for LG magic remote control or reset lg remote control

  • When you replace your magic remote’s batteries, then try to replace both remote’s batteries at same times.
  • Remove all cover on your tv which cover your reciever.
  • How to trobleshooting of magic remote isn’t working

How to reset LG magic motion remote control (2010-2011)

If your magic motion remote control manufacturing between 2010 to 2011, then you can below the below steps for re-register for resolving the magic remote is not working issue.

Follow the below steps to re-register

  1. Take your remote, press on Mute and OK button at same time until light blinking.
  2. Face your remote control towards TV and press on OK button. After that, a dialog message showing after automatically register.

How to reset LG Magic Remote Control (After 2012)

If your LG remote control manufactured after 2012, then you need to follow the below steps for re- register your remote.

  1. Press on the Smart or Home and Previous button at same time for 5 second.
  2. After that, face your remote control towards on your LG smart tv and press on the OK button.