Your LG Smart TV not only allows you to see the content of the apps you have including Netflix, Amazon and other Lg Smart tv applications. But also play your own content like photos, videos, and movies on your Lg smart tv.

Today, we want to show you a brief guide that will be useful the next time you want to show the photos of your holidays to your friends, or see a good movie that you have stored on a pen drive (compatible with high speed), even with subtitles installed. Take advantage of the amazing color reproduction of LG OLED TVs to see the latest Hollywood production.

Open the Photo & Video application on LG SMART TV

play photo on lg tvPress the Home button and run the app. Then, select the storage device in which you have saved your content (photos or videos). Finally, select the photos or videos you want to see. Ready, they will appear on your screen exactly as you wanted.

This is the signage that your LG Smart Tv screen will show:

1: Select the type of content and the playback mode you want.

2: Select and remove content.

3: Select what you want to play.

4: Perform the content search.

To see photos on LG Smart TV

If you select a photo in the Photo & Video application, the photo player will run. Then you can see all your saved photos.

Signage that will show on your Lg Smart tv screen:

1:  Go back to the whole content list.

2: Print photos with Pocket Photo, make a cute gift album! (only some models).

3:  You can play background music while you watch your pictures. Put the soundtrack to your vacation!

4:  You can zoom in or out of your photos.

5:  Start the slideshow.

6: Turn the photos.

7:  You can set the size of a photo or change the speed and effect of a slide show.

To watch videos on LG Smart TV

If you select a video in the Photo & Video application, the video player will be executed. Then you will be able to see all your saved videos.

Signage that will show on your LG Smart TV screen:

1:  Go back to the whole content list.

2:  You can select other content with the view of the playlist, while you watch a video.

3: You can control the basic functions of video playback.

4: You can configure additional options.

You will also find these other options in your LG Smart TV

1: You can change the subtitle settings. Remember that these must be in the same folder of the video and with the same name.

2:  You can configure the audio tracks.

3:  You can configure to continue watching to resume the playback from the last scene you saw.

4:  You can set the continuous playback, one video after another.

5: Return to the basic operation screen

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