Vizio P series vs M series

Within a few years, Vizio has made quite a mark in the fiercely competitive global television market. Offering an array of advanced TV technology at enticing price rates, the brand has managed to gain a cult following. Both customers and experts have given great reviews to the brand.

Headquartered in the United States with factories spread worldwide, Vizio has revolutionized the global television market. The brand offers amazing features and specifications for less money. While the brand has launched many TV series in the past, the Vizio P series Quantum 43 inch and M series 43 inch attracted a lot of positive attention from the individuals in the field.

Vizio’s TV line has managed to gain a fan following. The brand delivers wholesome TV experience. From gaming to web browsing, there are multiple things that you can do on a Vizio television. Out of all the televisions released by the brand, the P series and M series seemed to have done really well. However, TV buyers often ask which is better Vizio M series or P series.

If you’re curious about the difference between Vizio P and M series, then do read on. Here we discuss the high-end features of both the TV series and help our readers make an informed choice.

Vizio M Series 

Boasting the cutting-edge 4K HDR technology, the Vizio M series is one of the best-selling television series by the brand. The ultra-bright picture quality of this TV series makes it one of the most sought-after tv in the market. The M series comes in screen size range 50-59 inches and 70-79 inches.

The groundbreaking quantum dot technology and full array local dimming enables the Vizio M series to deliver top-quality TV viewing experience. Additionally, it comes equipped with smart TV features. From internet connectivity to voice assistance compatibility, there are plenty of smart features in the coveted M series that take your TV viewing experience to the next level.

The wall-mounting television features a single USB port and two HDMI ports. The sound quality is as good as one can expect from a television set. Vizio has upgraded their SmartCast version. Great features and impressive performance of the M series makes it one of the best TVs launched by the brand. 

Vizio P Series

Vizio P Series Quantum features the groundbreaking Quantum dot technology. This high-end television series comes in the 55-75 inches screen size range. Like the M series, the P series also features SmartCast and the sets come with built-in Chrome. 

Difference Between Vizio M Series VS P Series

In the Vizio M series vs P series debate, it is important to be mindful of the fact that both the series boasts more or less similar features except the picture quality. As per the experts, the primary difference between Vizio M and P series is that the P series displays a brighter picture. The display quality of this series is often compared to life-like images. 

The P series boasts incredible image quality that sets it apart from other television made by the brand. Like any other smart TV, this one is also compatible with voice assistants. The P series offers a wholesome experience teamed with amazing performance. Even for gaming purposes, the P series is known to fair relatively well than other televisions in the market. 

Similarities Between Vizio P Series and Vizio M Series

FeatureVizio P SeriesVizio M Series
Smart TV FeatureAirPlay 2
& ChromeCast
AirPlay 2
& ChromeCast
SmartCast 3.0SmartCast 3.0
Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon AlexaSiri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
PictureQuantom Color, 4K UHDQuantom Color, 4K UHD
ProcessorOcta CoreOcta Core
Vizio TV P and M model comparison

Final Verdict 

Both the series was well-received by experts and consumers. Vizio M series vs P series 4k is a never-ending discussion. There are multiple similarities between the television series. Both P series and M series come with a single USB port and 4 HDMI outputs. Even the add-ons in both the television series are similar to each other. 

On the surface, it may appear that they are similar, but there is a glaring difference between P series and M series that one should not avoid. After clearly evaluating the multiple features and specifications of both the televisions, we infer that the Vizio P series is a superior television than the M series. 

The P series boasts a host of cutting-edge technology such as Dolby Vision HDR and the amazing ultra-color spectrum. The two main differences between these two series is the quality of brightness and the price range. According to us, the P series is a better buy than the M series. However, if you’re looking to get a television that offers an impressive TV viewing experience for less, then M series would be an ideal choice for you.