Where is the Camera on Samsung Smart TV

If you want to find out the where is the camera on samsung smart tv. Samsung given built in camera with Samsung F Series Models.

If you are unable to find camera on samsung smart tv F series model, then you can follow below steps how to use built in camera on samsung tv.

How to use Built in camera in samsung F series tv

If you want to extend your tv camera in your samsung tv, then you can follow the below steps for using samsung tv camera.

Extending camera in your samsung tv

  • Gently push your samsung tv camera button. You will get a click sound when you will push. Please don’t touch your camera’s lens during extending.
  • After that, your tv camera will show up on your samsung tv.

Retracting your samsung f series tv camera

If you don’t want to use the camera in your samsung tv, then you can close it.

  • You need to gently push your samsung smart tv camera without touching your tv’s camera lens. After closing properly, you will get a click sound.
  • Face recognition and motion feature will not work when your camera closed. But, voice recognition feature will be working.

Note: Pop-up tv camera come with samsung f series tvs. If you want to use camera on other smart tv, then you need to attach an external camera.