5 car ads that demonstrate the best of creative marketing

car ads

The car market never stops, and it seems that it grows every day more. Before this, companies have to reinvent themselves with marketing and advertising strategies to hit the nail on the head with the messages, they emit on different social networks, resulting in creativity as the best tool to impress each client .

The car ads abound on the web, and especially those related to what is considered the best friend of man: the car. If you want to enjoy good car commercials, here you can see them. Pay attention to every detail and you will realize all the things that have been integrated into them.

Car Ads : A Better Super Bowl, by Hyundai

The family comes first, and Hyundai has used the Super Bowl LI gala to unite loved ones, although several of them are far from home. The protagonists of this commercial are some soldiers of the American troops, where thanks to a screen, they can enjoy the game and the company of their relatives. This advertising campaign came out in the first days of February, and the population liked it, because to date it has received more than 26 million visits .

Car Ads : Drive Progress Big Game Campaign: “Daughter” by Audi

It is a commercial issued by another large car: Audi. On this occasion, it stands out because of the message and the scenery it puts at the disposal of everyone, because what child has not driven a car when he was little and has not had the support of his father . In addition, the video suggests a clear message: a decent salary according to the work presented.

Car Ads : BMW Films: The Escape, by BMW

This video of just over 13 minutes has hooked more than one, because it is a story of action and genetics that is interesting , since it begins to play, until its last seconds. We’d better not tell you too much, since every detail of this film has been worked with pure quality. You will even recognize several faces that have participated in famous movies.

Car Ads : Grow up, from Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has been in the car market for more than 130 years. In that time, they have redefined the concept of cars, at the same time that the values ​​remain intact. But now, he lets us know his new idea: to be different in the world . For this, it issues a great campaign of little more than 1 minute.

Tiguan ad: Laughing Horses, Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a very creative vehicle manufacturer with designs, and also in commercials. In this opportunity, let us enjoy a digital campaign with horses involved. Nor do we want to tell you too much, because the commercial is really good.

Creativity is everywhere, in each one of us. It is enough to explore places for good ideas to be presented for hundreds of projects.