control vizio tv with alexa

If you want to pair the Alexa echo devices to your Vizio SmartCast TV or Vizio smart Tv. But, you don’t know how to turn on TV with Alexa or how to control Vizio tv with Alexa or how to connect Alexa to Vizio SmartCast tv and home theaters.

You can follow this article for pairing your amazon echo devices to Vizio smart tv or control Vizio tv with Alexa.

Follow the steps to pair Amazon Alexa with your Vizio SmartCast TVs

  1. Take your Vizio TV remote, press on the Vizio button for launching your SmartCast Home on your Vizio tv’s screen.
  2. Select the Extras option from the menus by using the navigation arrow keys and press on the OK button on your remote.
  3. Amazon Alexa shows there. After that, Select the Alexa option.
  4. Follow the steps for pairing your Amazon Alexa device with your myVizion account which shows on your tv’s screen.
  5. Follow the next all steps to enable Alexa’s voice skills.

Vizio Smartcast Alexa voice commands

Alexa voice command for Power Control

“Alexa, turn on (your Vizio Smartcast TV name).”
“Alexa, turn off (your Vizio Smartcast TV name).”

Alexa voice command for Changing Inputs

“Alexa, switch input to HDMI 1 on (your Vizio Smartcast TV name).”
“Alexa, switch input to SmartCast.”

Alexa voice command for Volume Control

“Alexa set volume to 20 on (your Vizio Smartcast TV name).”
“Alexa, turn up the volume.”
“Alexa, mute (your Vizio Smartcast TV name).”
“Alexa, unmute.”

Alexa voice command for Changing Channels

“Alexa, next channel on (your Vizio Smartcast TV name).”
“Alexa, previous channel on (your Vizio Smartcast TV name).”

Alexa voice command for Playback Controls

“Alexa, play on (your Vizio Smartcast TV name).”
“Alexa, pause.”
“Alexa, fast forward.”
“Alexa, rewind.”

Some Vizio’s Alexa skill doesn’t support the voice commands such as play, pause, channel up and down, fast-forwarding and rewind at this time. the Amazon Alexa skill is support after 2017 released Vizio Smartcast Displays.

How to power on voice command on your Vizio Devices

  1. Take your Vizio remote and press on the Menu button.
  2. Select the System option.
  3. Select the power mode and press on Quick start mode to enable the voice commands.