Some of questions arise in mind of the Vizio tv’s customers, does my vizio tv have bluetooth or how to make vizio tv bluetooth discoverable.

Yes, vizio tvs have bluetooth option, You can pair your bluetooth devices to your vizio smart tv.

Note: Now Vizio TVs support only Bluetooth LE devices which is a low energy form of bluetooth. You can only connect or pair your bluetooth enabled devices like mobile/ smartphones, iPad & tablets with your Vizio Smartcast mobile app. You can use these mobile devices as a remote for operating your Vizio smart tv.

If you want to pair your Bluetooth Speaker, bluetooth soundbar, Home theatre and any bluetooth enabled audio system, then you need to use the Audio out ports on your Vizio smart tv for pairing these devices. You can follow the below steps for pairing soundbar on Vizio tv.

Note: A Bluetooth speaker or soundbar has an “Aux-in” port. You can connect your Bluetooth speaker to your Vizio tv by using the 3.5mm headphone jack.

How to pair a Bluetooth soundbar to Vizio tv

If your vizio smart tv and your bluetooth speaker have the same port, then you can connect your bluetooth device to your tv directly with Audio port for playing the audio from your vizio tv on your bluetooth soundbar.

If your vizio tv has a white & red audio port and your speaker have auxiliart port, then you can use the 3.5 mm to RCA cable for pairing your sound bar to your tv for playing music.

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