Firestick Remote Not Working | How to Fix

firestick remote not working

Your remote not following your commands is the worst thing about entertainment time. These issues are more common than you might think. The Firestick TV remote is one example. You’re in the right place if your Firestick remote fails you.

Incorrectly installed or dead batteries

How to check for battery problems in your Firestick Remote

Firestick remotes can be affected by batteries that have been incorrectly inserted, or low in power. While we are all familiar with how to replace and install batteries, accidents can still happen. Batteries are also a common cause. Although one might believe that batteries work because they worked well a second ago, it is not true.

Sometimes, the batteries can be woken by pressing the remote for a brief time. Do you sound familiar? Perhaps someone you know has tried this fix. Or maybe it brings back memories. This solution is not sustainable. This will be repeated over and over again, possibly to the point where the remote is damaged or the battery goes bad.

  1. Take out the batteries and pay attention to where they were placed.
  2. To ensure that they are correctly installed, make sure you check the directions on the Firestick remote. They are often changed/interchanged frequently by children or borrowed for other devices and can be easily reinserted in an incorrect direction.
  3. Replace the batteries if they were correctly installed. Use matching batteries. It is not recommended to mix brands/types as it can lead to leaking, explosions, and other problems. ).

The Fire TV Remote Does Not Work on Your CEC-Enabled TV

For CEC-Enabled Setups, Pair Your Firestick Remote with TV

Remotes not paired with the firestick will not work with CEC-enabled televisions and settings. But remotes with Infrared functionality (second generation, third-generation Alexa Voice Remotes), can be used with your TV if you’re within line of sight. As long as the CEC settings are not being used to control it. CEC functionality is often solved by re-painting (not repairing). To make it work, however, you will need a CEC-enabled television and a Wi Fi network. Wi-Fi is required to use the remote (2nd generation or newer), as the Fire TV Stick and Cube use Wi-Fi Direct for communication.

You can use the IR option to control the TV, or you can use the CEC-enabled option via Wi-Fi. Both the Cube and Firestick use Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth. CEC can control your TV from a distance as long as the TV can be connected to the Wi-Fi. IR needs line-of sight to function.

CEC is not sending your remote’s signal directly to your TV. Instead, it sends it to the firestick which then transmits the command signal via the CEC-enabled HDMI connector to the TV. The first generation remotes used Bluetooth, while the second and third generations use Wi-Fi Direct. No programming steps are required to make the remote work on TVs like universal/multi-device remotes. Here’s how it works.

  1. Turn on the TV and make sure the Firestick is connected to power.
  2. Next, access the TV’s settings. This varies depending on make and model. Finally, look for CEC options to enable CEC functionality. This allows the firestick turn on the TV.
  3. To check if your TV turns on/off, press the Power button on the firestick remote. You’re done if it works. Continue to Step 4 if the remote does not turn on/off the TV.
  4. Next, turn on the TV with the remote or manually. Then verify that the remote works for the firestick. Continue to Step 5.
  5. If the remote is not working for the firestick, hold down the “Back” or “Home” buttons for 10 seconds. The Firestick has now been cleared/unpaired.
  6. You can pair the remote by pressing the button for and then the button to test it on the TV. If necessary, repeat the process several times.

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Remote not responding to Firestick

Verify the distance between your remote and the Fire TV Stick

Firesticks 2nd Generation and newer use Bluetooth instead of infrared. The theoretical range for remotes is approximately 30 feet . However, the actual distance is usually lower. It may not work in large rooms or if you are trying to use the remote from another room.

If distance is a problem, you can move the remote closer towards the Firestick to check. The Firestick extension dongle, which is usually included with the purchase of a Firestick remote, can be used to position the remote or to replace batteries if it doesn’t work.

Re-Pair your remote to the Firestick

Re-painting it frequently can make it work again, just like when the remote for your Fire TV Stick doesn’t work with your TV.

  1. To unpair or clear the remote, hold down the “Back” button and the “Home” button for 10 seconds.
  2. Now, press and hold the button “Home” for between 10-12 seconds.
  3. The remote should work with your Fire TV Stick/Fire Cube.
  4. Try checking the CEC Settings if it fails. You can confirm that CEC has been enabled on your Firestick by going to the ” Control Settings” section.

Remote Incompatibility

How to confirm your Firestick Remote’s compatibility

Did you replace your Firestick remote recently with a newer one? It may be a problem if the new remote isn’t compatible for your Fire TV Stick.

You can use your smartphone to control your remote until it is compatible with your device. The Android Fire TV app and the iPhone Fire TV app are available. Follow the below steps to use your smartphone’s remote control.

  1. Get the Fire TV app for your smartphone.
  2. To turn the TV on, press its Power button or use its remote. Next, log in to your Amazon Fire TV account using your smartphone app.
  3. The app will allow you to select your Fire TV device.
  4. Copy the code shown on the TV and paste it into the app.

Damaged Firestick Remote

For any damage to your Fire TV remote, check it out

Your remote can stop working due to external damage or internal faults. The remote may become inoperable due to water damage, failure of components, or other causes.

Firestick Remote No Light/Not Working

If the Firestick remote does not light up, unplug it from the back of the device and wait for 20 seconds. To check if the problem is resolved, plug it back in. The remote will not light up if it isn’t communicating with the firestick.

To Fix the ‘No Light’ Problem, Pair Fire TV Stick Remote to Your TV

If you haven’t had success unplugging and re-connecting your firestick, it may be that the remote isn’t properly paired with the TV. Follow these steps to do this.

  1. The remote can be used to turn on your Fire TV Stick.
  2. For “10 seconds,” place the remote near the TV. Now, you can unpair the Firestick.
  3. To pair it again, press the button for ’10 seconds’. If necessary, repeat the process several times.

If none of the above steps solve the remote light/LED problem, make sure you are close enough to the TV. The Firestick remote can only be used within a specified distance, as it is a Bluetooth device.

Firestick Remote Not Working After Update

These are the five options to try if your Firestick remote stops working after an update. If you don’t succeed with the first method, continue to follow the steps until you get the problem resolved.

  1. If the remote is not paired, hold the button for 10 Seconds.”
  2. Re-plug the device from the outlet.
  3. Turn off the TV and reset your remote.
  4. You must ensure that there is no obstruction between the TV and the remote.
  5. Make sure to replace your batteries and make sure they are correctly installed (positive side up).

The new update may not work with your remote if it has been damaged by someone or something. You might consider replacing your remote if none of these steps work.

Firestick Remote Not Working After Reset

These are the steps to take if your Firestick remote doesn’t work after you reset it.

  1. Start the Firestick TV. After you are redirected to remote pairing screen, unplug your TV from the outlet. Reinstall it after 10 seconds. For 10 seconds, pair the remote by pressing “Home” for pairing.
  2. Change your batteries. You might have low batteries. Changing them can solve the problem. Make sure they are properly installed. If you feel that the batteries may have been damaged, it is a good idea to buy a new set. Clean the battery compartment after you have changed the batteries.
  3. You might try another remote. Try connecting another remote to your Firestick television if the reset and removal of batteries doesn’t work. Either borrow one from a friend, or buy it online. You can also use the Fire TV app iPhone, Android to use it as a remote.