How to Fix Pairing Bluetooth Remote or Game Controllers to Fire TV

Fire tv - Controllers & Bluetooth Devices

You can connect a bluetooth device like remote control and game controller with Fire TV or Firestick. You can connect upto 7 bluetooth devices to your Fire TV at same time.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to pair a remote control or game controller (PS3, PS4 and many more). This tutorial is very helpful to resolve the issues like xbox one and ps4 controller not pairing with fire stick.

Which bluetooth devices compatible with Fire TV?

You can read or see the bluetooth supported devices name list in Fire tv documention. The Amazon fire tv compatible with below following Profiles:

1. A2DP Profile:

A2DP means advanced sudio distribution profile. You can stream your audio with bluetooth headphones. You can only pair your bluetooth earphone or earbuds at any time.

2. HID Profile:

HID means human interface device profies. You can connect your bluetooth keybord and mouse or third party devices with Amazon Fire TV.

3. SPP Profile:

SPP means serial port profile. You can connect your wireless game controller with your Fire tv.

How to pair a bluetooth Device to a Fire TV?

Follow the below instructions to pair or connect a bluetooth device to a Fire tv.

1. You need to open the Settings menu on your Fire tv.

Fire tv settings

2. Select the Controller & Bluetooth Devices option under the Settings menu.

Fire tv - Controllers & Bluetooth Devices

3. After that, select the other bluetooth Devices option to pair another bluetooth device.

4. Then, select the Add Bluetooth Devices option.

Add Bluetooth Devices Fire tv

5. Now, your fire tv start to searching near by bluetooth available devices. After complete the searching process, a list of available device will appear on screen.

Bluetooth Devices searching with Fire tv

6.Select your specific device name and pair to fire tv. After complete of pairing process, a message will appear on screen “Device Connected”.

Bluetooth Devices connected with Fire tv