How to Fix Galaxy S8 Incomplete Connection

Galaxy S8 Incomplete Connection

The worst thing that could happen to your phone? It refusing to charge. This problem is known as “Galaxy S8 incomplete connectivity” and affects the Galaxy S8. It can cause a slow or no charge. These issues can be a sign that your Android device is having problems. Read on to learn how to fix galaxy s8 incomplete connection issue.

How to resolve Samsung Galaxy S8 Incomplete Connection Issue

These solutions might solve the problem if your Galaxy S8 phone turns on but shows an insufficient charge.

Power cables & Power Sources

You may first want to test your phone with other equipment. You don’t want to use the same charger cable or the same power source as your phone.

Purchase a new USB charger, or borrow one from a family member. Plug your phone into other sources like a wall outlet or another computer. If the problem continues, then the most likely culprit is your phone.

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Default factory settings

Follow the below instruction to reset factory setting by default for fixing the galaxy s8 incomplete connection problem.

1. Go to the Settings app from the Home screen.

2. Next, access Cloud and Accounts.

3. Tap on Backup and Restore.

4. Go back to Settings, and then select General Management.

5. Next, click Factory Data Reset. After this, you can charge your phone again to confirm that the problem is gone. If your phone works, then it is likely that you have a third-party app to blame.

The method will erase most of your phone’s information so make sure you save any important data, such as photos, numbers, and songs.

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Step 3: Cable Management

Although it may seem strange, this could be caused by a dirty or faulty cable. Some people have reported that the Galaxy S8’s incomplete connection problem can be fixed by either cleaning the ends of the cable or bending the cable in different directions. This could indicate that the pin connectors within the cable have been damaged.

You can also clean the charging port on your phone with compressed air. The incomplete connection error could be caused by dirt or dust blocking the port.