As it happens in all seasons, the world of trends is constantly renewed. However, in the cuts of man’s hair, the steps are much smaller although from time to time they surprise us with some novelty. Today I want to show you the trends in men’s haircuts for this Summer 2018  and with them, you will be able to wear the latest the next season.

The best haircuts Summer 2018 | Best Short haircuts for men

For this new season, the best haircuts Fall Summer 2018 with the arrival of the new season, come new best haircuts and new trends which we are going to comment now.

For this new season, they are still trend toupees inspired by the 50s or more updated, very rockabilly style of the 80s, very much like the toupees that Loquillo wore in those years. To contribute extra volume to the toupee will be an indispensable condition since for this season they are very long, but this time with the stripe on one side.

Also for this season, the natural hair will continue to be worn, the disheveled waves, the loops. Haircuts designed to make you totally careless of your hair, so that you leave the pool you find a perfect look.

To achieve this we will also look to the past, because this year they return for the more daring the wavy bob, a haircut that will allow you to take it in an informal, crazy and carefree way through the day and yet, at night you can wear a hair smoother with manually worked curls, simply by working with your fingers and the dryer.

The paramilitary courts are back in fashion this summer 2018 season, it is a short haircut for men, ideal for this cold season. For this season it is almost “0”, it is about seeing the scalp of both the top of the head and the sides.

The cuts of hair and hairstyles that are styled in this season Summer 2018 are mainly cuts in which the man wears short hair with shaved sides. Many are the men who bet on this style emerged from the fashion for “retro” and in an evolution of the famous toupee that took so many years ago.

Along with this, the line to the side also comes back with force and the aforementioned toupees seem to recover for those who want a more than appropriate style for the autumn season. Look closely at these cuts because they are the ultimate in male hair in 2018.

On the other hand, the hairstyles and cuts in which the fringe is present seems to be gaining some strength, especially among younger men so that we are also going to see them for this season. And we also have the cuts known as “fringe” in which a very short hair is combined at the sides, shaved, with a much longer style for the central part that is combed forward. With this, we will achieve looks as radically modern as the one you see above.

The male cuts are also influenced by styles such as the “hipster” and you are going to realize that many of the cuts and hairstyles that will be worn in the new season of Summer 2018 are beards, something that on the other hand we also have to point out as unquestionable tendencies among those that currently exist for man.

The style “undercut”, the great trend for Summer 2018 | modern Haircuts for men

We can say that the “undercut” is the great trend among male haircuts for Summer 2018. The style is already long and although we have seen men betting on the hair shaved on the sides and the central part somewhat longer as you can see in the image above. An ideal haircut to wear during the day and night, a little gel that for this Summer 2018 returns with more strength.

The hair should be allowed to grow enough so that you have enough to comb it with some volume backward, and in this way, you will get your hair look the latest for the new season.

Here you can see another style “undercut” similar to the one explained although with a little shorter hair in the central part. If you want to wear this type of hairstyle, it is necessary to cut the hair so that the bottom layer is minimal, or shaved, and the rest is combed back with the help of a little wax and if you want a wet effect you can use a little of gomina.

The hairstyle trend for the “undercut” of Summer 2018 is backward but the truth is that it is a style that allows you to vary if you wish. When you want you can take the hair to the side and leave it something more natural without needing any type of fixative. This way you will not spoil the hair and you can also boast a style that will allow you to look really trendy. In fact, and apart from long hair, it is perhaps the type of cut and hairstyle that most identifies with the current “hipsters”.

Here you can see if you want to do it and you need to know how it goes, an “undercut” cut something more extreme than previously seen. The hair of the central part is left with a lot of volumes and the shaving is almost zero. Notice that the hair also has a marked stripe to the side so you will know how to comb the hair and especially notice how well it is also behind.

The stripe aside, style 50s for Summer 2018 | modern best haircuts for men

This year also and as we have already mentioned, new features such as the employment, almost abusive of gels with wet effect or rubber bands are introduced. The new masculine looks come to show us a man less child and more masculine, a man sure of himself who likes to go to the last with a perfectly structured cut, with a stripe on one side and bangs slightly fallen on the forehead.

After having seen the “undercut” as the great feature for short hair that will take more in this Summer 2018, we have to say that in reality, this type of haircut and hairstyles arise from the influence of very classic cuts.

In fact, the style of the 50 is the great inspiration for many men who wear “undercuts” and now is a style that is also strong for this summer and will be one of the protagonists this season. The stripe on one side is a very strong trend and more when it is carried with the gloss effect as we see in the image above. This type of cut and hairstyle is perfect for special occasions but also for day to day.

The stripe on one side will have to be perfectly placed in its place, having the line very marked and, as I said before, the wet effect as one of the main characteristics achieved with gel or fixative gel. This type of cut will give you a very careful and, above all, refined look perfect for formal occasions.

That is why many men choose it as their hairstyle option for great summer occasions, such as for Christmas celebrations. It is without a doubt, a success.

For those who do not want to wear shaved hair or with a line that is as marked as previously, we can say that also the hair combing to the side with more hair will be trend so that you look at “looks” like the one you see above if you need to be inspired by your hairstyle for fall. The “retro” style that this type of hairstyle provides is also ideal for the latest fashion trends.

The “casual” style of short hair for Summer 2018 | modern Haircuts for men

For those who seek a style that is current and that mixes some of the proposals that we have seen before, we have the so-called “casual” style, which is characterized by being modern and perfect for all kinds of occasions. In the photo, you can see a cut of “casual” style characterized by a slight disheveled, along with a shorter hair on the sides.

We can also call “casual” style this other type of hairstyle or cut, which combines the classic style that we have seen before, with light hair raised and to the side. The line is not very marked, and that makes it an ideal type of cut for events or great occasions for this Summer 2018.