samsung smart tv remove apps

If you want to no longer use or watch the apps(Such as YouTube, Netflix, Plex and etc. ) on your Samsung smart tv and you want to remove or uninstall or delete the apps from your Samsung smart tv.

But, you don’t know how to delete apps on Samsung Smart TV or how to remove apps from Samsung smart tv, then you can read the article and follow the steps to remove apps from Samsung smart tv.

How to uninstall apps on Samsung Smart TV

Please follow the below steps to delete apps from Samsung smart tv.

  1. Take your Samsung Smart TV remote control and press on the Home icon button.
  2. After that, Select the Apps tab by using your remote navigation arrow keys.
  3. Select the Options icon which is shown on the right upper corner on your tv’s screen.
  4. After that, Select your Apps icon which you want to delete. For Example YouTube or Netflix.
  5. After that, Select the Delete button which will be appeared after selection your app.
  6. After that, a delete dialog box opens on your Samsung TV’s screen. Select the Delete Button again for removing your app from Samsung TV.
  7. Now your app is deleted from your Samsung Smart TV.